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Bill Black

Bill Prince is a pseudonym for Bill Black
Bill Black
Bill Black, real name Bill Prince, wrote for SOUNDS, and also for NME as Bobby Surf. Bill is currentlly deputy editor of British GQ.

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10,000 Maniacs

Interview by Bill Black, Sounds, 6 October 1984

"MY UNCLE CHARLIE read somewhere that we were a cult band so he thought we were playing for the Moonies. He even confronted me with ...

The Associates: First Impressions

Interview by Bill Black, Sounds, 30 June 1984

HE'S BACK. And although it's been two years, an aborted LP and a thousand rumors since we last heard the Associates' flighty, feisty pop, listening ...

Robert Cray: The Robert Cray Band: Dingwalls, London

Live Review by Bill Black, Sounds, 20 April 1985

ROBERT CRAY is to blues what Wynton Marsalis is to jazz. That is, a young, mercurial talent who's arrived on the scene with a fresh, ...

Richard Hell: RIP (Rior)****

Review by Bill Black, Sounds, 22 December 1984

"RICHARD HELL HAS been the most emotionally compelling, brilliant, innovative and influential rock 'n' roll performer of the past ten years. Unfortunately, these qualities are ...

The Mekons, Strawberry Switchblade: Strawberry Switchblade/The Mekons: ICA, London

Live Review by Bill Black, Sounds, 20 October 1983

WAS THIS an ICA Rock Week or a DeMob works outing? ...

New Order: TVOD

Interview by Bill Black, Sounds, 22 September 1984

MAYBE IT'S THE lamentably low profile Factory's finest otherwise adopt, but it's as if New Order chose August to explode onto a slumbering music scene. ...

The Ramones

Interview by Bill Black, Sounds, 12 January 1985

ONE TWO THREE FOUR! Six, eight, ten? Is it really ten years since the Ramones turned a slum bar on the Bowery into the birthplace ...

The Ramones: Bombing Out!

Interview by Bill Black, New Musical Express, 10 May 1986

Tenth album time finds the RAMONES in a curiously pro-Bonzo mood and talking of solo projects. BILL BLACK adjusts his hearing suitably... ...

Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers: Jonathan Sings

Review by Bill Black, Sounds, 1984

IT'S BEEN a long time since Jonathan Richman's last album, Back In Your Life, and apart from the release of some interesting Kim Fowley produced ...

Jonathan Richman: Modern Romancer: Jonathan Richman

Report by Bill Black, Sounds, 6 July 1985

Richman, you’re a Baby! Bill Black takes a rare opportunity to explore the eccentric psychology of a modern lover. ...

The Smiths: Meat Is Murder (Rough Trade)****1/2

Review by Bill Black, Sounds, 16 February 1985


The Smiths: Keep Young and Beautiful

Interview by Bill Black, Sounds, 19 November 1983

BEFITTING A BAND verging on greatness, the Smiths have a keen sense of their own history. ...

Strawberry Switchblade: Pipsqueak Parade: Strawberry Switchblade

Interview by Bill Black, Sounds, 6 August 1983

IT'S LIKE A scene from Roeg's Don't Look Now. Between the grim, grey tombstones that populate a Glasgow cemetery like so many broken teeth, fleeting ...

Talking Heads, Tom Tom Club: Talking Heads: Tina Through the Looking Glass

Interview by Bill Black, Sounds, 27 July 1985

Bill Black shows an unifying love for little creatures and follows... ...

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