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Andy Farquarson has written on folk and world music for a variety of publications, including The Guardian, The Independent and Get Rhythm.

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David Byrne: Leicester De Montfort Hall, 7th July

Live Review by Andy Farquarson, Rock's Backpages, July 2002

AN INCONGRUOUSLY large stage dominates the tiny park which is the setting for a one-day festival at Leicester's De Montfort Hall. As two risers are ...

David Byrne: The King of Afropea: David Byrne

Interview by Andy Farquarson, The Independent, 11 June 2000

"Isn't this where the Profumo thing started?" someone asks. We're soaking up the seedy mock-opulence of The Eve Club on Regent Street and, for the ...

The Incredible String Band: An Incredible String Reunion: An Interview with Robin Williamson

Interview by Andy Farquarson, The Guardian, 22 October 1999

To those of the Rizla generation who spent the summer of 1967 rolling joints on its album sleeves, the Incredible String Band occupies near-mythic status. ...

John Mayall: An Interview with John Mayall

Interview by Andy Farquarson, Get Rhythm, May 2001

When John Mayall bounds on stage and launches into a set with physical gusto, it's hard to believe he is 67 years old. The impression ...

Ralph McTell: Streets of Melton Mowbray: Ralph McTell

Report and Interview by Andy Farquarson, The Guardian, 14 May 1999

MELTON MOWBRAY isn't the most obvious place to search for heroes, treasure and sentimental stories. But all three are here tonight somewhere. ...

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Rock's Backpages: Blasts from the past

Report and Interview by Andy Farquarson, The Guardian, 1 November 2001

Your ancient copies of NME can go. Andy Farquarson reports on an online library of music journalism. ...

Unlikely Fruits of Apartheid: South African Sounds in the Post-War Era

Report by Andy Farquarson, The Independent, 5 March 2000

THE SEGREGATION OF music played a significant role in supporting South Africa's post-war National Party policy of "separate development". This little-known facet of apartheid has ...

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