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Alan Paul

Alan Paul

Alan Paul is the editor of He has been an editor at Guitar World forever, or maybe it just seems that way. He has written for many other publications, but doesn’t understand why anyone would care to see a list of them. He is a pretty funny guy, though you would not always guess it from his music writing. He considers himself fortunate to have had the opportunity to interview and write about some of his favourite musicians. Alan himself is a limited but quite soulful guitarist; he sounds powerful if you catch him on the right tune and flailing if you hear the wrong one. He is the father of Jacob, Eli and Anna and hates the term "trailing spouse." In August, 2005, he is moving to Beijing, China, where he will attempt to paint the town brown.

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Albert King: An Interview with Albert King

Interview by Alan Paul, Guitar World, July 1991

2003 note: Just days after I became the Guitar World Managing Editor in February 1991, I sat at my desk listening two of my colleagues ...

ZZ Top: Looking Back With Billy Gibbons

Interview by Alan Paul, Guitar School, March 1995

FORMED IN 1969, ZZ Top rode lascivious, raucous tunes like ‘Tush’ and ‘La Grange’ to stardom in the early and mid-Seventies, culminating in 1976 with ...

Paul Westerberg's 1962 Gibson Melody Maker

Interview by Alan Paul, Guitar World, June 1996

PAUL WESTERBERG may be known for his bittersweet lyrics and forlorn melodies, but his sentimentality certainly doesn't extend to his guitars. ...

Phish: Trey Anastasio, The Brains Behind Phish

Interview by Alan Paul, Guitar World, December 1996

OVER THE LAST several years, Phish has emerged as rock's most surprising success story, building a massive grass-roots following and becoming one of the nation's ...

Howlin' Wolf, Hubert Sumlin: Hubert Sumlin: The Wolf’s Man

Interview by Alan Paul, Guitar World, 1998

INTRODUCTION: I had heard that Hubert Sumlin was a genuinely nice guy. But before I ventured uptown to a Manhattan club to interview him, there ...

Stevie Ray Vaughan: Blue Smoke: The Life and Death of Stevie Ray Vaughan

Retrospective and Interview by Alan Paul, Guitar World, April 1999

NINE YEARS AFTER his death, Stevie Ray Vaughan’s influence only continues to grow. It can be heard in barrooms and arenas around the globe, in ...

The Doors Of Perception

Interview by Alan Paul, Revolver, April 2000

It's the rock legend that everyone can recite by heart, but that no one can agree on. The surviving members of the Doors and their ...

The Doors: The Scream Of The Butterfly

Retrospective and Interview by Alan Paul, Guitar World, February 2003

IGNITED BY THE success of 'Light My Fire,' the first two Doors albums introduced rock audiences to the tortured mind of Jim Morrison and his ...

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