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Washington City Paper

Washington City Paper

Founded in 1981, The Washington City Paper is a U.S. alternative weekly newspaper serving the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area.

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Rhys Chatham: 9:30 Club, Washington DC

Live Review by Paul Yamada, Washington City Paper, 2 October 1981

TWO SETS in one night is sometimes too much for a band, and sometimes it's not enough. For Rhys Chatham and R.E.M. it was just ...

The Cramps, Jerry Lee Lewis, Mapping the World, The Strand, Velvet Monkeys, Butch Willis & the Rocks: The Cramps: Heroic Integrity

Profile by Joe Sasfy, Washington City Paper, 6 April 1984

THE "ANYONE can do it" amateurism that underlies the punk moment (circa 1976-1977) resulted in some of rock's most profound and explosive primitives. But an ...

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