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TuneTribe was a digital music download store offering content from major record labels, independents and unsigned artists. Launched in 2005, it was founded by Tom Findlay of Groove Armada and John Strickland of Interesource.

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Bebel Gilberto: Ziriguiboom

Retrospective by John L. Walters, TuneTribe, 15 May 2005

SINCE THE LATE 1990s, the Crammed Discs spin-off label Ziriguiboom has produced a small, well considered series of Brazilian albums, the most famous of which ...

Ry Cooder: Chávez Ravine (Nonesuch)

Review by John L. Walters, TuneTribe, Summer 2005

CHÁVEZ RAVINE is Ry Cooder's What A Carve Up, a multilayered song-cycle about the way a Hispanic neighbourhood of Los Angeles was cleared to make ...

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