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Sunday Herald

The Sunday Herald is a Sunday newspaper in Scotland, launched in 1999 as a sister publication to the daily title, The Herald.

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Profile and Interview by Ian Watson, Sunday Herald, October 2001

SHE DOESN'T SHUT UP. Present Gabrielle with a simple query and her mouth goes into overdrive. She hits the ground sprinting, talking so quickly she ...


Interview by Ian Watson, Sunday Herald, December 2001

BEFORE SEPTEMBER 11th, Slipknot had been revelling in their status as the most outrageous band on the planet. ...


Report and Interview by Ian Watson, Sunday Herald, May 2002

FROM THE OUTSIDE, Moby Mansions looks like any other whitewashed townhouse in upmarket west London. Walk a little too quickly and you'd pass it without ...

David Byrne, Talking Heads: David Byrne Backwards

Profile and Interview by Peter Ross, Sunday Herald, 21 March 2004

NOT far from David Byrne's London hotel, a fashion store is selling T-shirts bearing the logos of the Ramones and of CBGBs, the legendary New ...

50 Cent

Interview by Ian Watson, Sunday Herald, August 2004

WHAT DID YOU do last night? Nice meal? Drink with friends? Sweat your own body weight in a packed nightclub? Well, guess what? 50 Cent ...

Rosanne Cash

Interview by Andrew Purcell, Sunday Herald, January 2007

JOHNNY CASH lives with his daughter. He's in the set of her jaw, the power of her voice, and he stares down proudly from every ...

Mick Jagger: Mick Rolls Alone

Interview by Graeme Thomson, Sunday Herald, 27 October 2007

The Rolling Stones frontman reveals why his solo career is the foundation of his artistic life ...

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