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Backstreet Boys: 50,000,000 Backstreet Boys' fans can be wrong

Essay by Ira Robbins,, 8 June 1999

THE SWEAT-DRENCHED rock 'n' rollers of the '50s knew all about good and evil. Forty years later, the Backstreet Boys are singing love songs to ...

The Ramones: Bowery Boys

Essay by Ira Robbins,, 20 July 1999

NOBODY DOESN'T LIKE the Ramones. They're as immortal as America's other band, the Beach Boys. Whatever punk became – ruined canvases of Mohawked body art, ...

The Clash: From Here to Eternity

Review by Ira Robbins,, 19 October 1999

ON PAPER, the October 1982 pairing of the Clash and the Who at Shea Stadium in New York should have been historic. And maybe it ...

Lester Bangs: Did Lester Bangs Die In Vain?

Book Review by Ira Robbins,, 4 April 2000

Let It Blurt: The Life and Times of Lester Bangs, America's Greatest Rock Critic By Jim DeRogatis, Broadway, 256 Pages ...

Grand Funk Railroad: The Band that Killed Rock 'n' Roll

Essay by Ira Robbins,, 10 April 2000

AMONG CULTURAL HISTORIANS, it has long been an article of faith that the '60s dream died in an ugly bar fight at Altamont Speedway in ...

The Rolling Stones: Sonny Barger: Hell's author

Report and Interview by Deanne Stillman,, 10 July 2000

IN 1982, AFTER smoking three packs of Camels a day for 30 years, Sonny Barger, the founder of the Oakland Hells Angels motorcycle club, was ...

The Best of Broadside 1962–1988

Review by Ira Robbins,, 19 September 2000

BROADSIDE PUBLISHED SONGS by writers who wanted to change the world – including a young Bob Dylan. A five-CD set marches through the great folk ...

Brian Wilson, Card-carrying Genius

Essay by Ira Robbins,, 10 April 2001

After a life custom-made for cable catharsis, the force behind the Beach Boys is now being honored even for things he didn't do. Does that ...

Brian Wilson: Reassessed

Essay by Ira Robbins,, 10 April 2001

AT THE BRIAN WILSON tribute concert in New York in March, a short film explained that Wilson had lived his whole life in fear and ...

George Harrison: And Life Flows On

Obituary by Ira Robbins,, 3 December 2001

HE COULD HAVE BEEN Charles Dickens' idea of a rock star, a dry-witted gentleman whose faith, and fate, left him isolated but satisfied, living his ...

Elvis Costello: When He Was Cruel

Review by Ira Robbins,, 30 April 2002

MICK JAGGER HAD A POINT when he announced "it's the singer not the song" – the young Rolling Stones were perfectly content to beg, borrow ...

Neil Young: Bio Warfare: Why did Neil Young try to squelch Shakey?

Comment by Marc Weingarten,, 24 May 2002

SHAKEY, A 786-PAGE biography of Neil Young that's just been published, almost wasn't. For that reason, it serves as an apt metaphor for the way ...

Gnarls Barkley: Hip-hop's Biggest Clowns: Gnarls Barkley: The Odd Couple

Review by Miles Marshall Lewis,, 3 April 2008

Are Gnarls Barkley's wacky costumes and goofy antics just a smoke screen for the massively successful duo's angst? ...

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's women problem

Comment by Evelyn McDonnell,, 11 December 2011

DO THE MATH: Out of the 11 new members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame class of 2012, one — Laura Nyro — ...

Foo Fighters: Record reviews: Who needs them?

Comment by Ira Robbins,, 1 January 2013

Music criticism is in a horrible state. It wouldn't have to be if we talked about albums like they really mattered. ...

Led Zeppelin, New York Dolls: Behind the music on Vinyl: Martin Scorsese's premiere gets the New York Dolls right — and Led Zeppelin so wrong

Comment by Caryn Rose,, 15 February 2016

Set inside the New York music industry in 1973, Vinyl is a fascinating and frustrating chronicle of the era. ...

The Replacements: Bob Mehr: Trouble Boys – The True Story of the Replacements

Book Review by Caryn Rose,, 14 March 2016

The new biography, Trouble Boys, is an unflinching, uncompromising look at the band and the legend ...

Behind the music on Vinyl: Patti Smith, more Magic Tramps and Springsteen, who's "like an approachable Dylan"

Film/DVD/TV Review by Caryn Rose,, 11 April 2016

On the ninth episode of HBO's series about the '70s music scene, ACR considers swiping the Boss from Columbia ...

Chuck Berry, Keith Richards: "Chuck has his own way of showing appreciation": Concert documentary Hail! Hail! Rock 'n' Roll offers a candid insight into Chuck Berry

Retrospective by Caryn Rose,, 20 March 2017

Keith Richards worked like a dog to get Chuck Berry's 60th-birthday concert right and Berry treated him like one ...

U2: In Trump's country: U2 takes Joshua Tree politics back on the road

Live Review by Caryn Rose,, 16 May 2017

30 years after their blisteringly political album and tour, U2 opts for subtle anti-Trump imagery over big speeches. ...

Aretha Franklin: Honoring Aretha Franklin, legendary "Queen of Soul," the greatest singer of our time

Obituary by Caryn Rose,, 16 August 2018

The following is a chapter from Women Who Rock: Bessie to Beyoncé, Girl Groups to Riot Grrrl (Black Dog & Leventhal, 2018), edited by Evelyn ...

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