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Rock CD was a monthly rock magazine published in the UK, which provided free CDs with every issue It ran for 16 issues between 1992 and 1994.

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Interview by Paul Lester, Rock CD, November 1992

BOYS AND GIRLS. Musos and teenies. Schoolkids and scholars. Indie-bods and bank clerks. At the start of 1992, Ride attracted them all.  ...

Leonard Cohen: Heavy Cohen

Interview by Cliff Jones, Rock CD, December 1992

  WRINKLED, GREY, HUMOROUS and urbane, wearing a crumpled suit and a huge pair of coke bottle specs that magnify his lacquered brown eyeballs to an ...

Leonard Cohen: The Future

Review by Cliff Jones, Rock CD, December 1992

THE CRITICAL REHABILITATION of the man they used to call Captain Mandrax is one of rock's more unexpected twists in recent years. ...

Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant: Robert Plant: An Interview

Interview by Cliff Jones, Rock CD, April 1993

FOR A MAN who's spent the last 20 years protesting that his own colourful history is of little interest to him, it comes as a ...

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