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First published in 1983, Pulse! was a tabloid magazine published by Tower Records in the USA which contained record reviews, interviews and advertising. Initially, it was given away free in their stores but in 1992, it changed to a conventionally distributed magazine. It ceased publication in 2003.

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Shriekback: Things That Go Blorp In The Night

Interview by Mark Dery, Pulse!, December 1985

SHRIEKBACK LIKE things that go blorp in the night. Their latest disk, Oil and Gold (Island/8.98 list), has the slippery feel of a jellied eel's ...

Ornette Coleman: This Maverick of Modern Jazz Doesn't Like to Be Pigeonholed

Interview by Gene Santoro, Pulse!, November 1986

MOST OF THE other horn-wielding giants who shook the foundations of jazz a generation ago — Coltrane, Dolphy, Ayler — are gone now. But Ornette ...

Clifton Chenier, Lightnin' Hopkins, Mance Lipscomb: Arhoolie Records: Do-It-Yourself Library Of Congress

Interview by Gene Santoro, Pulse!, February 1987

Arhoolie Records' Chris Strachwitz is Still Finding Great Music in Out-of-the-Way Places ...

Grace Jones: Inside Grace Jones

Interview by Gene Santoro, Pulse!, February 1987

A Story About Film, Fashion and Fresh New Sounds. ...

Bill Laswell, Material: No Barriers. Tags. Frontiers. Trends. Jean Karakos' Celluloid Label Is Truly Independent

Interview by Gene Santoro, Pulse!, May 1987

SMALL RECORD labels usually concentrate on one particular musical style, or a related set of styles. Not Celluloid Records, which has sought from the beginning ...

Julian Cope: Blonde on Peggy Suicide Blonde

Interview by Simon Reynolds, Pulse!, August 1991

One of pop's most eccentrically self-important extremists, Julian Cope drops drugs, gets centered and creates his first brilliant album ...

Lou Reed: Mourning Glory

Interview by Simon Reynolds, Pulse!, February 1992

On Lou Reed's touching elegy to two recently departed friends, Magic and Loss, he grapples with the age-old question: What is the meaning of death? ...

The Cure: Robert Smith: Dr. Robert Explains It All

Interview by Simon Reynolds, Pulse!, June 1992

In a rare solo interview, Cure leader Robert Smith dissects his cult, defines his own private punk and pursues his Wish. ...


Interview by Ira Robbins, Pulse!, October 1992

Ten years down the road, Athens, Georgia’s little-band-that-could takes stock of fame, fortune and folk music.* ...

Keith Richards: Stone Wino rhythm guitar god Keith Richards can still rip it up

Interview by Ira Robbins, Pulse!, November 1992

Midnight at the oasis...Actually, it’s 2 a.m. at the Hit Factory, but the mood is still calm as a desert breeze. ...


Interview by Bill Holdship, Pulse!, December 1992

Cool, smooth & refreshing, Britain's sultry siren of song checks in with her first new album in four years, Love Deluxe. ...

Paul Westerberg, The Replacements: Paul Westerberg Comes In From The Ledge

Interview by Ira Robbins, Pulse!, August 1993

Independence Day, 1991. Lincoln Park, Chicago. One by one, the Replacements — what's left of 'em, anyway — hand their instruments off to their roadies, ...

Kate Bush

Interview by Simon Reynolds, Pulse!, December 1993

Kate Bush is very... unlikely· A teen prodigy, she rocketed to the pinnacle of the British charts with her 1987 debut, ‘Wuthering Heights’, a very... ...

Aretha Franklin: Return Of Soul Sister Number One

Comment by Carol Cooper, Pulse!, June 1996

ARETHA – a name so singularly musical that it rolls off the tongue like an incantation. Almost four decades after 1967’s ‘I Never Loved ...

Beck: New Weird Order

Profile and Interview by Erik Himmelsbach, Pulse!, June 1996

IT'S THE MIDDLE of a lazy Los Angeles spring day, and the view from the roof of the Griffith Observatory reveals a sprawling basin shrouded ...


Interview by Ira Robbins, Pulse!, March 1997

IT'S DECONSTRUCTION time again. Right now, there's a sophomore somewhere hunkered down on the floor of his dorm room, a cigarette in one hand and ...

Blur: Blur Knocks The Pulp Out Of Oasis, Right?

Interview by Erik Himmelsbach, Pulse!, April 1997

CLEARLY, Damon Albarn has studied his rock 'n' roll history. "When you start wearing tight trousers, you're fucked," notes the metaphorically astute 28-year-old. ...

Othar Turner: Seven decades of blowin’ fife and hollerin’ goat: Othar Turner

Report and Interview by Andria Lisle, Pulse!, May 1998

"PURE FUNK and earth" is what Luther Dickinson calls the lilting blues played by 90-year-old Othar Turner, last surviving master of the cane fife. And ...

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