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First published in 1991, Pride is a monthly magazine aimed at Afro-Caribbean women in the United Kingdom.

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Ice-T: Iceberg Slim: The Best-Selling Pimp Remembered By His Widow

Retrospective and Interview by James Maycock, Pride, June 2001

"YOU SEE, pimping's big business," growled an experienced pimp to Goldie, his aspiring protégé in the classic 1970's film, The Mack. Concluding his informal lecture, the ...

Dee Dee Bridgewater: Sophisticated Lady: This Is Dee Dee Bridgewater

Interview by James Maycock, Pride, 2002

"DEE DEE BRIDGEWATER is very effervescent and very energetic and very optimistic and very positive," I'm informed. "Dee Dee Bridgewater has consumed my life." ...

Betty Davis: The Witty, Wicked World Of Betty Davis

Interview by James Maycock, Pride, April 2002

Intro: I think I’m the only journalist in about 20 years to have tracked down and interviewed Miles Davis’ now reclusive ex-wife who was an ...

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