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Noise! was a pop culture magazine published bi-weekly in the UK during 1982.

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Interview by Betty Page, Noise!, 24 June 1982

EVERY OTHER individual who burst forth from neo-legendary club The Blitz as aspiring popster or artist/designer/photographer has now almost been forgiven the cardinal sin of ...

Haysi Fantayzee: "...Tall Skinny People In Search Of Paradise"

Interview by Betty Page, Noise!, 8 July 1982

THERE'S A poster goin' round town with Big John starin' out, mighty real, sharpshooters in hand, chaps in place. N' they're a-saying 'John Wayne Is ...

Marc Almond, Soft Cell: Marc Almond: The Human Torch

Interview by Betty Page, Noise!, 8 July 1982

Starring mild-mannered Marc and cub reporter Betty Page ...

The Associates: Associates Uncovered!

Interview by Betty Page, Noise!, 5 August 1982

JUST LIKE the naked truth of the new Associates single sleeve, Billy McKenzie feels that he's currently over exposed. Although it was obviously quite an ...

Thomas Dolby (with Kevin Armstrong and Matthew Seligman)

Interview by Betty Page, Noise!, 9 December 1982

"THE SPORTILY dressed, slightly oddball young man walked onto the stage. His National Health (Model 232) spex struggled with the glare of the spotlights. Gradually ...

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