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Meat Puppets: Meat Puppets II

Retrospective by Joe Carducci, The New Vulgate, 2008

Author's note: All Tomorrow's Parties had the Meat Puppets playing their second album in 2008, and I was asked to write about that album for ...

The Descendents: Frank Navetta and The Descendents

Retrospective by Joe Carducci, The New Vulgate, 17 March 2010

IN 1980 I wasn't aware of the first 45 by the Descendents, 'Ride the Wild'/'lt's a Hectic World' (Orca 001). It was recorded by Spot ...

Paul Nelson: First You Dream, Then You Die

Essay by Joe Carducci, The New Vulgate, October 2011

Author's note: I'm not in the reviewing game at The New Vulgate,but David Lighthourne had introduced me to Paul and told me about Kevin Avery's ...

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