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New Music News, subtitled "The Independent Rock Weekly" was launched in May 1980 and closed in the same year.

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The Soft Boys: Underwater Moonlight (Armageddon ARM 1)

Review by Mark Ellen, New Music News, 12 July 1980

ANOTHER headlong plunge into the acid-rock grotesque. Another Creature Feature in wax. ...

Bad Manners: Roll Over Yul Brynner... ...And Tell Bad Manners The News

Interview by Mark Ellen, New Music News, 14 June 1980

MARK ELLEN Meets The UK's Answer To The Fordham Baldies. ...

Echo & The Bunnymen: Have Mersey, Will Travel

Interview by Mark Ellen, New Music News, 12 July 1980

MARK "PAULIE" ELLEN with the good news on ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN ...

Bob Marley & the Wailers: Crystal Palace Bowl, London

Live Review by Roy Hollingworth, New Music News, 14 June 1980

AS MARLEY got more and more into it, a controlled zombie look-alike waded slowly, mechanically, into the pond until the fetid, oily liquid washed heavily ...

Jeff Beck: Beck's Blah-Blah

Interview by John Tobler, New Music News, 3 August 1980

JOHN TOBLER Meets a Vintage Guitar Strangler ...

Blondie: Dinner With Blondie... and William Burroughs

Interview by Victor Bockris, New Music News, 24 May 1980

2010 NOTE: I taped this dinner party for William Burroughs, Debbie Harry and Chris Stein for my book With William Burroughs: A Report from the ...

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