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Apollonia, Morris Day, Sheila E., Prince, Vanity: Those Who Would Be Prince

Report by Vernon Gibbs, New Look, November 1985

WHEN PRINCE decided that he didn't like Eddie Murphy making fun of his high-heeled boots, the rock star walked out in the middle of Murphy's ...

Fishbone: Champions of the Stoopid

Profile and Interview by Vernon Gibbs, New Look, December 1985

FISHBONE IS the nightmare of every high school teacher who feared that the misfits would take over. After their first appearance in New York, one ...

The Beastie Boys: The Grate White Hopes

Profile by Vernon Gibbs, New Look, January 1986

RAP RECORDS first started selling big in 1979 with the Sugarhill Gang's 'Rapper's Delight'. They were considered little more than the grating noise of the ...

The Jon Butcher Axis: The Jon Butcher Experience

Profile and Interview by Vernon Gibbs, New Look, February 1986

WHAT HAPPENS when you're black, play mean rock guitar in a band with three white boys, and you wear headbands and an Afro and a ...

Ziggy Marley: Marley's Children

Profile by Vernon Gibbs, New Look, May 1986

UNLESS YOU are a true fan of reggae, you probably missed the most eerie coincidence of 1985. In the same year that Julian Lennon hit ...

Dream Academy: Push-Button High

Interview by Mark Dery, New Look, June 1986

NICK LAIRD-CLOWES (pronounced "clues") is the bright-eyed, revved-up type. He's eager to explain it all for you, and he's especially eager to explain that his band, ...

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