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Jamming! was started in 1977 as a fanzine by writer Tony Fletcher, featuring coverage of punk and post punk bands. In 1978, it was launched as a magazine, and appeared for 36 issues until its closure in 1986. It has now been succeeded by

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Killing Joke: An Interview with Jaz and Youth

Interview by Tony Fletcher, Anthony Blampied, Jamming!, 1981


Scritti Politti

Interview by Tony Fletcher, Jamming!, 1982


Jacques Brel, Scott Walker: Scott Walker: Scott Walker Sings Jacques Brel (Philips)

Review by Tony Fletcher, Jamming!, June 1982

IT DOESN'T matter that this record was released before Christmas, because the, music is all a good thirteen years old anyway; what does matter is ...

The Special AKA, The Specials: The Special AKA: The Skars Have Healed

Interview by Tony Fletcher, Jamming!, March 1984

"WHO IS he anyway?" enquires one of the tastelessly coiffeured punkettes of Jerry Dammers as the main man poses for photos in Soho's Chinatown. Jerry ...

U2: The Pride of Lions

Report and Interview by Tony Fletcher, Jamming!, 1 October 1984

Excepting live albums and video, U2 have been silent, both on record and in the media, for a year and a half. Now back with ...

Primal Scream

Profile and Interview by Bruce Dessau, Jamming!, September 1985

THE BESTOWING of the term "scene" on a city's musical activity is invariably ill advised. In most areas of large populations (and sadly but inevitably) ...

Culture Club: Dave Rimmer: Like Punk Never Happened: Culture Club And The New Pop (Faber And Faber £4.95)

Book Review by Tony Fletcher, Jamming!, November 1985

THE TITLE says it all. There are those of us who have, over the years, battled on our own territory desperately hoping that the downward ...

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