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INK was an underground newspaper, founded by Richard Neville, co-founder of OZ magazine, in May 1971. As a result of its close association with OZ magazine and the OZ obscenity trial, it folded in February 1972.

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The Rolling Stones: Sticky Fingers

Review by Mick Farren, Ink, 1 May 1971

IF THERE'S such a position as world's top rock & roll band, the Stones now occupy it, though it's happened more by default of the ...

Carole King, Joy of Cooking: Joy of Cooking: Joy of Cooking, and Carole King: Tapestry

Review by Charlie Gillett, Ink, 12 June 1971

Joy of Cooking get better every time their record plays; they have no stylistic similarity with Van Morrison or the Band, but have the same ...

The First Great Rock Festival Of The Seventies

Review by Charles Shaar Murray, Ink, 5 October 1971

Isle of Wight/Atlanta — a CBS 3 record set ...

John Lennon

Essay by Felix Dennis, Ink, 2 November 1971

"I still think that kids are more influenced by us than by Jesus". ...

Randy Newman: Randy Newman Live

Review by Felix Dennis, Ink, 16 November 1971

STRUCTURALLY, harmonically and lyrically Randy Newman's music little short of an economic miracle, comparing favorably to the late Son of God's number with the loaves ...

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