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Guitar (or more fully, Guitar for the Practicing Musician) was a guitar magazine published in the United States from 1983 to 1999. It was then absorbed into Guitar One magazine.

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XTC: The X-Factor: Andy Partridge

Interview by Bruce Pollock, Guitar, January 1986

"WE CALL IT BILLY Bolts or Billy Bolt Upright. I just sort of sit up and become this person Billy Bolt. You lust get into ...

Keith Richards, The Rolling Stones: Keith Richards Shares His Songwriting Secrets

Interview by Bruce Pollock, Guitar, July 1986

LIKE A POLITICIAN ON THE PODIUM, whistle-stopping across the boondocks on a flatbed, Keith Richards has his share of timeless bromides, comfortable answers his tongue ...

Bob Mould, Husker Du: Off the Underground Wall: Husker Du's Bob Mould

Interview by Bruce Pollock, Guitar, July 1987

IN A ROCK 'N' ROLL world seemingly littered with spandex sheep, Bob Mould is a definite character, from his solid, Midwestern farmboy semi-crew and lumpen ...

10,000 Maniacs: Rock & Roll Acid Test: 10,000 Maniacs

Interview by Bruce Pollock, Guitar, May 1988

TURNING POINTS in the history of rock 'n' roll are moments frozen into the souls of those who witness them. Up in the Northeast Tundra ...

Leo Kottke: Of Ice Fields, Breath Mints & Corn Flakes: Leo Kottke

Interview by Bruce Pollock, Guitar, October 1989

TRYING TO COME up with enticing copy about Leo Kottke, is a little like writing an ad for Kellogg's Corn Flakes. There's something about ...

Richie Havens: Middle Of The Dirt Road

Interview by Bruce Pollock, Guitar, Fall 1990

IT'S A VOICE you remember, possessing in its cavernous reaches the smoky essence of an age. ...

Kristin Hersh: Lipstick, Powder and Saint

Interview by Elaine Cusack, Guitar, January 1994

"Oh I look just like a sad old hooker!" wails Kristin Hersh as a false eyelash falls from her heavily made-up face and just misses ...


Interview by Elaine Cusack, Guitar, February 1995

JUST WHO do Gene think they are? Appearing out of nowhere last spring, the London-based quartet produced three highly contagious singles, had journalists fawning all ...

Guns N' Roses, Slash: Slash: Trigger with Attitude

Interview by Steven Rosen, Guitar, February 1995

After a whole year of well-publicised feuds with Axl Rose, Guns N' Roses' Slash has now cut loose to record his own album with a ...

J.J. Cale: Quiet Life

Interview by Paul Trynka, Guitar, April 1995

"I DO INTERVIEWS every once in a while," sighs J.J. Cale, with a resigned expression. "In fact, with this new album I think I've done ...

Helmet: Head Case: Helmet's Page Hamilton

Report and Interview by Mike Mettler, Guitar, March 1996

HELMET'S PAGE HAMILTON has impeccable credentials. He holds a master's degree in jazz performance from Manhattan School of Music, and he has been part of ...

ZZ Top: Billy Gibbons: Rhythmeen & Blues

Report and Interview by Mike Mettler, Guitar, May 1997

SEEING ZZ TOP'S Billy Gibbons without his trademark shades on is like viewing the emperor with no clothes: it's a startling vision. Yet here's the ...

Fleetwood Mac, Lindsey Buckingham: Lindsey Buckingham: Back in Mac

Interview by Mike Mettler, Guitar, October 1997

TO BORROW A lyric from our subject's song 'Go Insane', there are two kinds of Lindsey Buckinghams in this world. ...

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