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Good Times is a music and entertainment newspaper, founded in 1969 and published in Long Island, New York. USA. It is now also available online.

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Neil Young: What It's Worth

Essay by Greil Marcus, Good Times, August 1969

NEIL YOUNG used to be number one or number two man with the Buffalo Springfield, depending on your taste; after the group broke up for ...

The Band: We Can Talk About It Now

Report by Greil Marcus, Good Times, 15 August 1969

THE BAND has been together the best part of a decade, almost nine years. Little Richard has been Little Richard for about double that, but ...

David Bowie: The Rise and Fall of David Bowie: All That Glitters is Not Gold

Comment by Jon Tiven, Good Times, 7 November 1973

"No matter how good David Bowie may really be, the stuff he's doing now is a lot of shit." – Chris Chesnutt, editor of the ...

The Good Rats Just Keep On Keeping On

Profile and Interview by Wayne Robins, Good Times, 30 January 1974

YOU COULDN'T find a more classic showcase for the Good Rats than Ubie's O.T.J, in West Islip. Monday night means beer blast at Ubie's, Wednesdays ...

The Kinks: The Preservation of Ray Davies

Live Review by Kris DiLorenzo, Good Times, 7 January 1975

It's Only Showbiz, But He Likes It ...

Slade: Not As Crazee As Wee Thought

Interview by Kris DiLorenzo, Good Times, 26 August 1975

WHATEVER HAPPENED to Slade, you Lawn Guyland boogie freaks may have asked yourselves lately. The answer is: Nothing – more gold records, more #1 songs ...

The Ducks, Jeff Blackburn: Jeff Blackburn Bucks the Odds

Report and Interview by Dave Zimmer, Good Times, 8 June 1978

QUACK, QUACK: A familiar sound last summer in Santa Cruz when the Ducks were the musical hit of the town. But as the summer of ...

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