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Flexipop!magazine was launched in 1980 by ex-Record Mirror journalists Barry Cain and Tim Lott, and featured a flexidisc in each issue. The magazine lasted for two years.

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Orange Juice: Fruit Of The Loon

Interview by Kris Needs, Flexipop!, April 1983

Edwyn Collins of Orange Juice talks chicken with foul Kris Needs ...

Madonna: Mad On A Dance Floor

Profile and Interview by Kris Needs, Flexipop!, May 1983

THESE DAYS I wake up more and more feeling death's breath around the corner as I near the winter of my years. It's so hard ...

The Creatures: Love At First Bite

Interview by Kris Needs, Flexipop!, May 1983

Deep in the bamboo forests of Hawaii it was mosquito against THE CREATURES while SIOUXSIE and BUDGIE cooked up a vinyl feast. KRIS NEEDS took ...

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