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Eurock is a worldwide music promotion company founded by Archie Patterson in 1971 and specialising in European rock music. Between 1973 and 1993, is published 45 issues of Eurock Magazine were published. Currently, Eurock operates as a website.

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Wigwam, Mark 1

Retrospective by Archie Patterson, Eurock, 1976

THE RECORDINGS OF Wigwam are perhaps among the world's unknown musical treasures. In their first incarnation, they produced five of the most imaginative rock albums ...

Guru Guru, Uli Trepte: Uli Trepte

Interview by Archie Patterson, Eurock, September 1977

"Making music in the long run is a matter of character, not talent" – U.T. ...

Can's Malcolm Mooney (1980)

Interview by Archie Patterson, Eurock, 1980

Can's first singer Malcolm Mooney talks about joining Can, the writing and recording process, gigging with Stockhausen, and the decline of his mental health and ultimate breakdown.

File format: mp3; file size: 56.1mb, interview length: 1h 01' 40" sound quality: ***

Can: Malcolm R. Mooney: An Interview

Interview by Archie Patterson, Eurock, 1983

WITHOUT A DOUBT Germany's Can was one of the pioneering groups of what has become known today as EuroRock. Malcolm Mooney, a black American, was ...

Amon Düül: Hallucination on Sustain: 25 Years of Amon Düül II

Retrospective by Scott Fischer, Eurock, 2000

AS AN ESTABLISHED trend of musical non-adventurism became the keynote of the early '70s, an alternative motif of sonic exploration became necessary and was provided ...

Guru Guru, Uli Trepte: The Beat Has Gone: Thoughts and Opinions 'bout a Long Forgotten Scene

Retrospective by Uli Trepte, Eurock, 2000

IN 1968 A mutated kind of mindset emerged in then West Germany to form a scene that turned the tide of times, after the war ...

Can, Damo Suzuki: D.A.M.O. Interview

Interview by Archie Patterson, Eurock, 2002

DURING THE MONTH of October Damo Suzuki and band made a short tour of the US in support of the excellent new album Odyssey. They ...

Savage Rose: An Interview

Interview by Archie Patterson, Eurock, 2002

ONE OF MY EARLIEST Euro-rock discoveries was the Danish band Savage Rose. Their first album to be released in the USA was In The Plain, ...

The Plastic People of the Universe

Retrospective and Interview by Archie Patterson, Eurock, 10 June 2011

"When modes of music change, the fundamental laws of the state always change with them." (Plato)   ...

Gong, Magma, The Yardbirds: Giorgio Gomelsky: An Interview

Retrospective and Interview by Archie Patterson, Eurock, Spring 2011

IF THERE EVER was a man who lived and breathed music it's the international vagabond Giorgio Gomelsky. Born in the former Soviet-Georgia, his parents fled ...

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