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James Hunter

Interview by Graham Reid, Elsewhere, June 2008

AT 46, JAMES Hunter from Colchester in Essex is an overnight soul-singing sensation who took a couple of decades to get to where he is. ...

The Chills: The Dream is Over: Martin Phillipps of the disbanded Chills, interviewed in 1992

Profile and Interview by Graham Reid, Elsewhere, 24 May 2009

MARTIN PHILLIPPS looks bad. His skin is pasty, he's unshaven and his eyes look like an owl's in an arc light. He's been up for ...

Judee Sill: The Disappearing Crayon Angel

Retrospective by Graham Reid, Elsewhere, 18 October 2009

THERE SEEMS to be an alarming number of women musicians written out of popular culture: Doris Troy, Minnie Ripperton, Laura Nyro, Judy Henske, Mireille Mathieu, ...

The Feelies, The Golden Palominos: Anton Fier Profiled (1988): A new career in a new town

Profile by Graham Reid, Elsewhere, 7 June 2010

ANTON FIER was, until recently, a star without a bank account — or manager come to that — and yet at the nucleus of the ...

Leon Russell: Powerstation, Auckland

Live Review by Graham Reid, Elsewhere, April 2011

BECAUSE WE KNOW keyboard players do their work sitting down, few would have been worried when Leon Russell – 69, walking with a cane – ...

Leon Russell: Ever the Journeyman: Leon Russell Interviewed

Retrospective and Interview by Graham Reid, Elsewhere, 13 April 2011

WHEN LEON RUSSELL left his home in Tulsa for Los Angeles after having played in teenage rock bands, a career in music wasn't what he ...

Jefferson Airplane, Moby Grape, Skip Spence: We need to talk about... Skip Spence: Oar in dark water

Retrospective by Graham Reid, Elsewhere, 5 March 2012

SYD BARRETT of Pink Floyd and Roky Erickson of Thirteenth Floor Elevators don't own the category of "mad '60s acid casualty" exclusively. ...

George Harrison Revisited, Part One: The dark horse bolting out of the gate

Retrospective by Graham Reid, Elsewhere, 24 October 2014

PERHAPS HE WAS no more contradictory than any of us, but because of his larger life George Harrison sometimes seemed to be a man of ...

Darondo: We Need To Talk About... Darondo: The soul man who went AWOL

Retrospective by Graham Reid, Elsewhere, 10 November 2014

TO HEAR William Daron Pulliam tell how he got his nom-de-disque at the dawn of the '70s gives an insight into both his smarts, and ...

Marc Ribot Considered: Cosmopolitan guitarist without portfolio

Profile by Graham Reid, Elsewhere, 25 February 2015

IF THERE IS a distinguishing feature of American guitarist Marc Ribot's style, it is that you'd be unwise to attempt to attribute a distinguishing feature ...

Son Volt, Uncle Tupelo: The Compass and the Course: Jay Farrar/Son Volt Considered

Retrospective by Graham Reid, Elsewhere, 1 October 2017

BACK AT THE DAWN of the '90s, critical consensus and discerning listeners were drawn towards the emerging sound coming out of the US. It ...

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