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DJ Magazine is a British monthly magazine, founded in 1991 and dedicated to electronic dance music.

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Danny Tenaglia: The DJs’ DJ: Danny Tenaglia

Profile and Interview by Frank Broughton, DJ Magazine, September 2000

THEY RAIDED Vinyl last week. The cops shut down the party, made some arrests, confiscated (allegedly) $15,000 of door money and (also allegedly, legal fans) ...

Kylie Minogue: Dispatches From The Wrong Side: Kylie Party

Report by Simon Morrison, DJ Magazine, May 2002

Hap-py Birth-Day Dear Kyyyyylie. Fast Lessons In How To Gatecrash A Pop Diva's Party ...

Little Simz is the uncompromising MC with a raw vision for UK hip-hop

Profile and Interview by Neil Kulkarni, DJ Magazine, 6 March 2019

Grey Area is the most raw and direct record yet from Little Simz. DJ Mag talks to the MC and visionary about being in the ...

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