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Collusion was a magazine founded by Steven Harvey, David Toop, Steve Beresford and Sue Steward in 1981 and featured coverage of what came to be called World Music. It was only published for 5 issues, with the last being distributed in September 1983.

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The Beach Boys, Charles Manson: Surfin' Death Valley USA

Essay by David Toop, Collusion, February 1982

"WE'LL GET THE ROUGHEST AND THE TOUGHEST INITIATION WE CAN FIND."from Our Car Club (Brian Wilson/Mile Love) Beach Boys, 1963 What were the connections between Beach ...

The Bay City Rollers: Androgynous Heartthrobs

Essay by Sheryl Garratt, Collusion, June 1982

Rifling through her mid-70s scrapbooks, Sheryl Garratt reassesses a formative obsession and finds that the standard socio-rock explanations just don't add up. Blanded-out pop music ...

Connie Francis: One From the Heart: the Connie Francis Interview

Interview by Mary Harron, Collusion, September 1983

When the '60s British Invasion of the American charts began, Connie Francis' songs of teenage life and love were hits all over America. But the ...

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