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Jeff Beck: Truth (Epic)

Review by Gary Lucas, Cogito, 23 August 1968

THE YARDBIRDS have the dubious distinction of being the group that every major English guitarist has left. Perhaps their best asset was the one who ...

Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin (Atlantic)

Review by Gary Lucas, Cogito, Spring 1969

IT MUST be said — Jimmy Page is the most successful ex-Yardbird of the three lead guitarists, Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck being the previous ...

Humble Pie, The Kinks, Pink Floyd, Renaissance, The Small Faces: The Record Rapper: All the way to the West, by God, Virginia (Like, how obscure is West Virginia, Santa Claus?)

Overview by Gary Lucas, Cogito, February 1970

DUE TO the recent rash release of a rasher of ratified British records, no less, this is more of the same (see last issue if ...

Family: University of Rochester, Rochester NY

Live Review by Gary Lucas, Cogito, Spring 1970

Take Up Thy Stethoscope and Walk ...

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