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Chamber Music is the only national magazine dedicated to the art and business of small ensemble music.

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Roy Haynes: Birds of a Feather (Disques Dreyfus)

Review by Gene Santoro, Chamber Music, 2002

WITH BIRDS OF A FEATHER (Disques Dreyfus), 75-year-old drummer Roy Haynes has forged a scintillating tribute album to bebop icon Charlie "Bird" Parker. His quintet ...

Jason Moran: Modernistic

Review by Gene Santoro, Chamber Music, December 2002

HERE AT THE beginnings of the 21st century, jazz faces several dilemmas, some creative, some commercial. After an often vitriolic and demoralizing period of consolidation ...

Greg Osby: Musical Archaeology: Greg Osby's Performances/Recordings from Duke to Monk and beyond

Review by Gene Santoro, Chamber Music, June 2000

NEW JAZZ FANS often have well-intentioned questions I dread, like, "What records should I listen to?" One of my stock answers: "Thelonious Monk Plays Duke ...

Don Byron: Of Romance and History

Essay by Gene Santoro, Chamber Music, February 2000

PUT ON Romance With The Unseen (Blue Note 7243 4 99545 2 6), the latest CD by clarinetist Don Byron, and you're stepping into dialogues ...

Charlie Haden, Lee Konitz: Questioning Cool, Chamber, & Third Stream: Lee Konitz, Charlie Haden, and Brad Mehldau

Comment by Gene Santoro, Chamber Music, April 2000

FOR THE LAST TWO columns, we've ridden in the Wayback Machine to peer into how jazz has in practice been a kind of chamber music ...

Pat Metheny Trio: Live

Review by Gene Santoro, Chamber Music, April 2001

THE GUITAR is arguably the most eclectic and democratic of instruments. Some form of it appears in nearly every society. Anyone can learn to play ...

Bill Frisell: Blues Dream (Nonesuch)

Review by Gene Santoro, Chamber Music, June 2001

WITH BLUES DREAM (Nonesuch), an album that interprets the blues as the foundation for jazz, bluegrass, Thelonious Monk, soul, Western Swing, heavy metal, and other ...

Dave Holland: Bass Is the Place: Dave Holland and the Jazz Bass

Retrospective by Gene Santoro, Chamber Music, December 2001

NOT FOR NOTHIN' (ECM) is bassist Dave Holland's latest CD, and the laconic title could sum up the man himself, his instrument's history, and the ...

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