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BigO (acronym for "Before I Get Old") is a rock music magazine, which has been published in Singapore since September 1985.

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Warren Zevon: Flinching Time: Warren Zevon and the Vast Indifference of Heaven

Report and Interview by Gerrie Lim, BigO, 1 May 1993

SPRINGTIME BLOWS AN idiot wind here in tinseltown, a change of seasons ridden with uncertainly as hay fever breaks out, pet animals act skittish, and ...

Pete Townshend: The Kid's Still Alright: Pete Townshend

Interview by Gerrie Lim, BigO, September 1993

"WHAT A PLEASURE to meet you," Pete Townshend says, hiding nothing behind blue eyes once I'd mentioned the magic mantra (BigO). He quickly extends his ...

Smashing Pumpkins: Life After Gish: Smashing Pumpkins Play Their Generation's Blues

Report and Interview by Gerrie Lim, BigO, December 1993

SO THIS IS Generation X, I'm musing to myself in the lobby of the Hollywood Palladium, as I contemplate the horde of kids who have ...

Warren Zevon: The Mutineer And His Bounty

Interview by Gerrie Lim, BigO, Spring 1993

LIKE ALL GREAT writers, Warren Zevon likes to quote his own favourite great writers. Graham Greene, for instance, who called his own belief in Christianity ...

Liz Phair: Phair Enough: The Girl From Guyville

Profile and Interview by Gerrie Lim, BigO, February 1994

This is the story of Liz Phair, the "new" gal in town who shocked the music biz flack and functionaries when she gave GERRIE LIM ...

Beck: Kip Winger With A Protein Shake: The Punknology According to Beck

Interview by Gerrie Lim, BigO, April 1994

THOSE OPENING NOTES attempt to warn you: a slinky salvo of slide guitar and then some hip-hop percussion, and then some dude starts rapping, wending ...

R.E.M.: Rapid Eye Monster: R.E.M. and the Reconstruction of New Fables

Interview by Gerrie Lim, BigO, September 1994

IF ROCK LYRICS ARE the fragile touchstones of this post-punk era, one concisely summarizes all the aspirations and angst of these psychically shifting times. ...

Nick Drake: Hanging On A Star: In Memory of Nick Drake

Retrospective by Gerrie Lim, BigO, November 1994

HIS MUSIC IS as evocative and haunting as ever, though much of his life remains mysterious. Nick Drake died 20 years ago this month, on ...

Patti Smith: The Power And The Glory, The Resurrection And The Life

Interview by Gerrie Lim, BigO, July 1995

In art and dream may you proceed with abandon.In life may you proceed with balance and stealth.– Patti Smith, "To The Reader," introduction to Early ...

David Bowie: Inside The Outsider: The Postmodern Panorama of David Bowie

Interview by Gerrie Lim, BigO, October 1995

HE'S BEEN a lot of things to a lot of people, sometimes even too many things to too many people, and the only certainty has ...

Joni Mitchell: Both Sides Now

Review by Gerrie Lim, BigO, April 2000

TO PUT IT MILDLY, the new year's most surprising new album has arrived. And it comes from Joni Mitchell, the woman who wrote Woodstock and ...

The Lovin' Spoonful, Zal Yanovsky: Alive And Well In Argentina At Last: The Mirth, The Music, The Magic Of Zalman Yanovsky

Memoir by Gary Pig Gold, BigO, December 2002

I KNOW AT LEAST one of his fellow supposedly-lovin’ Spoonfuls resents the situation to this day, but whenever Zal Yanovsky appeared on stage alongside John ...

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