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Australian Guitar is Australia’s premier guitar magazine.

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The Saints: I’m Stranded: Ed Kuepper on the Making of the Saints’ Classic Debut

Interview by Joe Matera, Australian Guitar, 2004

JM: You actually did two sessions for I’m Stranded. Did you use the same gear for both sessions? ...

The Alarm, The Birthday Party, Flesh For Lulu, Sisters of Mercy: Goth: Back to the Batcave

Overview by Jenny Valentish, Australian Guitar, October 2005

"WE HATED BEING called goth," muses the impeccably suave Flesh For Lulu frontman Nick Marsh. "If they called you a goth then you couldn't be ...

You Am I

Interview by Jenny Valentish, Australian Guitar, 2006

Convicts is a chewy knuckle of an album, straight out of the bar rooms and into your ears. Jenny Valentish prods the guts, nuts and ...

The Birthday Party, Rowland S. Howard: Rowland S Howard: Storm Und Twang – The Prophet Of St Kilda

Interview by Jenny Valentish, Australian Guitar, May 2006

From icy reverb to noirish twang, Jenny Valentish pays tribute to Australia's most influential guitar fiend, Rowland S Howard... ...

The Triffids: Still Growing Strong

Interview by Jenny Valentish, Australian Guitar, September 2006

Evil Graham Lee brought a ripe swoon to The Triffids' music with his pedal steel guitar. Now, seventeen years after their split, he's witnessing a ...

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