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Dusty Springfield: 'That Noise Is the Joy…'

Retrospective and Interview by Ben Fong-Torres,, September 1999

IT WAS just one of those things. I interviewed Dusty Springfield for two hours in Beverly Hills one afternoon in May, 1973, for Rolling Stone. ...

Mickey Newbury: On the Porch With Mickey Newbury

Interview by Ben Fong-Torres,, January 2000

MICKEY NEWBURY is 60, and he's slowed down a bit, spending much less time on the road than at his home in Oregon, where he's ...

Vashti Bunyan: Just Another Diamond Day

Review by Richie Unterberger,, Fall 2000

ABOUT FIVE YEARS after briefly surfacing as part of Andrew Loog Oldham's stable, Vashti — now billing herself with her full name, Vashti Bunyan — ...

Jackie Wilson: The Best of Jackie Wilson (Metro) ***½

Review by Jeff Tamarkin,, 2002

COMPILING A Jackie Wilson best-of set should be a no-brainer. From the beginning of his solo career in the late '50s until the end of ...

Petula Clark: The Essential Petula Clark ***

Review by Jeff Tamarkin,, 2003

PETULA CLARK had already logged seven Top Ten singles in her native Britain by the time she hitched a ride on the British Invasion in ...

Sandy Dillon: Nobody's Sweetheart

Review by Dave Thompson,, 2004

TWENTY YEARS ON from the unreleased LP that should have established her as a superstar-in-waiting, the mid-'80s set recorded with Mick Ronson, New York singer/songwriter ...

Buddy Guy: Can't Quit The Blues **** ½

Review by Jeff Tamarkin,, 2006

LEGEND STATUS CAME LATE to Buddy Guy, so it shouldn't be surprising that this is the first box set devoted to the blues giant's work. ...

Tangerine Dream: The Essential Collection (Metro Doubles) ****

Review by Jeff Tamarkin,, 2006

DISTILLING the essence of a force as monumentally influential and prolific as the German electronic music pioneers Tangerine Dream to a two-CD checklist of essentials ...

Taylor Swift: Taylor Swift (Big Machine) **** ½

Review by Jeff Tamarkin,, 2006

ALL OF 16 when she recorded this debut album, country-pop singer Taylor Swift's considerably strong voice straddles that precarious edge that both suggests experience far ...

Ziggy Marley: Love Is My Religion **½

Review by Jeff Tamarkin,, 2006

MORE THAN two decades into his successful career — yes, he has now been recording for more years than his dad Bob did — Ziggy ...

Diana Ross: I Love You **

Review by Jeff Tamarkin,, 2007

IN WHAT MIGHT BE the least inspired album of her career, iconic diva Diana Ross sleepwalks through a mish-mash of seemingly randomly chosen love songs, ...

Joan Armatrading: Into The Blues (429 Records)

Review by Jeff Tamarkin,, 2007

RECORDING Into The Blues, writes Joan Armatrading on the back sleeve of her first-ever blues album, "has given me so much pleasure," and that pleasure ...

The Skatalites: On The Right Track *** ½

Review by Jeff Tamarkin,, 2007

THE SKATALITES' lineup on this new recording, cut in Australia in 2006 during their first tour there, consists of just two original members of the ...

Grateful Dead: The Grateful Dead: Three from the Vault

Review by Jeff Tamarkin,, 26 June 2007

THE GRATEFUL DEAD were literally at a crossroads when they took the stage at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY, on February 19, 1971.  ...

Various Artists: Flower Power

Review by Jeff Tamarkin,, 13 November 2007

WHAT'S THAT YOU say? ...

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