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Vashti Bunyan: Just Another Diamond Day

Review by Richie Unterberger,, Fall 2000

ABOUT FIVE YEARS after briefly surfacing as part of Andrew Loog Oldham's stable, Vashti — now billing herself with her full name, Vashti Bunyan — ...

Vashti Bunyan: The Folk Myth

Interview by Bob Stanley, The Times, 15 April 2003

Cult singer Vashti Bunyan vanished 30 years ago — now she's back ...

The 40 Most Collectible Records

Guide by Bill Brewster, Mixmag, 2006

Okay, so it's not really the 40 most collectable records (if it was, it would contain nothing but doo-wop, northern soul and classical music). It's ...

Vashti Bunyan: Heartleap (Fat Cat)

Review by Jamie Atkins, Record Collector, October 2014

AFTER A 35-year gap between her beloved debut album and its follow-up, Lookaftering, Vashti Bunyan's third – and supposedly final – long-player, Heartleap, might have ...

Vashti Bunyan: St Pancras Old Church, London

Live Review by Ian Gittins, The Guardian, 9 October 2014

BUNYAN REMAINS a bashful presence live, her forte a strain of bucolic dream-folk in which nothing much happens, very prettily. ...

Vashti Bunyan: Heartleap (Fat Cat)

Review by Graeme Thomson, Uncut, November 2014

One more diamond day: an elusive singer-songwriter's beautiful, last (probably) album. ...

Vashti Bunyan Beguiles Estonia

Live Review by Kieron Tyler, MOJO, April 2015

Timelessness and continuity mesh as fabled folkstress plays Tallinn Music Week, hints at second retirement. ...

Vashti Bunyan: "My voice made me think of sorrow. I didn't even sing to my children"

Retrospective and Interview by Jude Rogers, The Guardian, 18 March 2022

GROOMED TO BE A 60S POP STAR, the singer instead headed for the Hebrides in a horse-drawn cart and then withdrew from music for 30 ...


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