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Brave Free Travis!

Interview by Robin Bresnark, Melody Maker, 21 June 1997

Forget irony, glibness and surface gloss — TRAVIS have. They're bursting with belief and unembarrassed about wearing their hearts on their sleeves. And they're going to be HUGE ...

Cast, Travis: Brixton Academy, London

Live Review by Robin Bresnark, Melody Maker, 26 July 1997

ONE LONE balloon bobs over Brixton Academy's mad-for-it crowd. It flicks and twists its playful way across the room, through the strands of blue light ...

Looking Good, Feeling Sublime — Travis: Good Feeling (Independiente 12tks/49mins)

Review by Robin Bresnark, Melody Maker, 13 September 1997

TRAVIS have it all: the songs, the passion and now an album to adore... ...

Travis: It's Getting Better Manhattan!

Report and Interview by Paul Mathur, Melody Maker, 13 September 1997

They're Noel's favourite band and are soon to support Oasis on their tour. We traveled to New York to see what makes people love TRAVIS... ...

Travis: The Man Who

Review by Paul Mathur, Melody Maker, 22 May 1999

SO SECOND ALBUMS are supposed to be difficult, then? Maybe someone ought to tell Travis, because The Man Who sounds like a thundering triumph. ...

Travis: Barrowlands, Glasgow

Live Review by Steven Wells, New Musical Express, 16 October 1999


The iJamming! Interview: Fran Healy from Travis

Interview by Tony Fletcher,, April 2000

Back in April, shortly after seeing Travis play for the first time at the Bowery Ballroom, I interviewed the group's loquacious front man Fran Healy ...

Travis: I Was Sitting in Bed, Just Crying

Interview by Ian Watson, Melody Maker, 5 April 2000

THE TRAVIS interview ritual is now, it seems, set in stone. You can ask whatever you want, whenever you want, but first you must bond. ...

Luv Hurts: Travis' The Man Who

Review by James Hunter, L.A. Weekly, 17 May 2000

POP RECORDS can come with some pretty heavy reps. Travis' The Man Who appears in the U.S. after moving two and a half million copies ...

Songs in the Key of Life: Travis

Interview by Keith Cameron, The Guardian, 23 June 2001

IF THERE IS ONE thing you can be completely sure of, it is this: at some point today, a U.K. radio station will play a ...

Travis: The Invisible Band (Independiente)****

Review by Carol Clerk, Uncut, August 2001

A FOLLOW-UP of quality and distinction, inventively produced ...

Travis Reign Again

Interview by Gavin Martin, Daily Mirror, 17 October 2003


Travis: CMJ Music Marathon, NYC

Live Review by Devon Powers, PopMatters, 23 October 2003

TONIGHT, LUCK WOULD have it that I've landed tickets to see Travis, a band I've liked throughout their career and one of the few Britpop ...

Travis: 12 Memories

Review by Bud Scoppa, Paste, 1 February 2004

I'M STILL TRYING TO FIGURE OUT how many listens it'll take for Travis' fourth LP to kick in. The elements that made 1999's The Man ...

Travis: Interview

Profile and Interview by Johnny Black, R2/Rock'n'Reel, July 2007

"WHEN THE wrecking ball of success whacks you," reckons Fran Healy of Travis, "your life goes in fifty directions at once. We had to stop ...

Travis: Eyes Wide Open

Report and Interview by Gavin Martin, Daily Mirror, 14 September 2007

THEY WERE THE Invisible Band who rose to become the nation's favourites. Hits such as 'Why Does It Always Rain On Me?' prepared the way ...

Travis: Brixton Academy, London

Live Review by Caroline Sullivan, The Guardian, 22 December 2009

GLASGOW FOLK-POPSTERS Travis named themselves after the psychotic Robert De Niro character in Taxi Driver, but anyone chancing on them halfway through their sold-out Christmas ...

How We Learned to Hate Travis and Why We May Be Wrong

Retrospective and Interview by Wyndham Wallace, The Quietus, 28 May 2013

With Where You Stand, their seventh album – and first for five years – due out this summer, frontman Fran Healy joins Wyndham Wallace to ...

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