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Sly & Robbie: The Reggae Heartbeat – Freedom Into Form

Profile and Interview by Vivien Goldman, Melody Maker, 23 December 1978

"Mr. Bassie, please sing your song to me." – Horace Andy, Rasta Rabbi in his own words ...

Reggae Titles: Footlong Skanking

Review by Van Gosse, The Village Voice, 22 April 1981

IN RECENT MONTHS Riffsters have written paeans to the gritty nudisco and rapperound 12-inch song-and-dances now heard blasting from the shiny boxes on the street ...

Sly & Robbie: The Reggaedelic Experience

Interview by Chris Salewicz, New Musical Express, 18 July 1981


Sly and Robbie: Laying Reggae's Bottom Line

Interview by Don Snowden, Los Angeles Times, 7 August 1982

QUESTION: WHAT do chic chanteuse Grace Jones. English rockers Joe Cocker and Ian Dury and reggae power house. Black Uhuru have in common? ...

Sly & Robbie: Night of the Living Dread

Report and Interview by Roy Trakin, Musician, August 1984

The Riddim Twins Celebrate Ten Years ...

Sly & Robbie: Hand in Glove

Interview by Paul Mathur, Melody Maker, 10 August 1985

Paul Mathur, scribe about town, ambles on down to the Kensington Hilton to meet Jamaica's supreme rhythm team, SLY DUNBAR and ROBBIE SHAKESPEARE. Rock, reggae ...

Sly & Robbie: Musclefunk Throwdown

Interview by Simon Witter, i-D, May 1987

i-D meets Sly and Robbie, whose communal, all-star jam sessions have produced Rhythm Killers, the year's most enjoyable, perfectly formed dance album. ...

Sly & Robbie: Rhythm Killers (Island)

Review by John McCready, New Musical Express, 2 May 1987


Sly & Robbie: Murder!

Interview by Sean O'Hagan, New Musical Express, 16 May 1987

Legends of world rhythm SLY & ROBBIE have responded to advances in all musics by making a technological masterpiece of an LP. SEAN O'HAGAN meets ...

Sly & Robbie

Interview by William Shaw, Smash Hits, 20 May 1987

They've played with Curiosity Killed The Cat, Cyndi Lauper, Grace Jones and now they've got their own hit single with 'Boops (Here To Go)'. "You ...

Popstars and the Strange Things They Own: Sly & Robbie

Interview by John Aizlewood, No. 1, 25 July 1987

"MUSIC IS with us all the time. We don't take holidays. I even dream about music." ...

Sly & Robbie: Can the Riddim Twins Rock the Mainstream?

Interview by Alan di Perna, Musician, August 1987

AS SUPPORTING players, they've become as recognizable and popular as comic book superheroes. Is there anyone who isn't familiar with Sly Dunbar's brightly-colored tams and ...

Sly & Robbie: Silent Assassin (Island)

Review by Don Snowden, unpublished, 1989

HMM, HMM, HMM, let's see here...looks like Sly & Robbie & KRS-One are on to something here but I don't think it's what most people ...

Sly ‘n’ Robbie on Drum ‘n’ Bass

Interview by Charles Shaar Murray, The Independent, 1999

Drum ‘n’ bass: it’s the foundation of popular music, the engine which drives rock, pop, soul, funk, jazz, reggae and anything else you care to ...

Various Artists: Funky Nassau - The Compass Point Story 1980-1986

Review by John McCready, The Word, April 2008

Imagined in London, bankrolled by pop hits and prog rock — the disco-dub collision at Compass Point Studios created shockwaves. ...

Shot! Reggae Cinema

Guide by Kieron Tyler, Q Classic, 2015

Author's note, 2020: The Harder They Come, conspicuous by its absence from this list, was not included, since it was the subject of a feature ...

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