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Simon And Garfunkel: Live From New York City, 1967

Review by Chris Ingham, MOJO, September 2002

NEITHER AS gritty as Dylan or as political as Ochs or Baez, Simon And Garfunkel's folk-rock style had a cool, preppy awareness and an alluring ...

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Paul Simon (1993)

Interview by Adam Sweeting, Rock's Backpages Audio, 1993

In the context of his retrospective box set Paul Simon 1964/1993, the veteran singer-songwriter looks back over his relationship with Art Garfunkel; 'Bridge Over Troubled Water'; his artistic evolution in the shadow of the Beatles and Dylan; his black NYC influences; Graceland's success and controversy; accusations of cultural appropriation; his longevity and place in the world.

File format: mp3; file size: 59.7mb, interview length: 1h 02' 19" sound quality: ****

Paul Simon (1993)

Interview by Tony Scherman, Rock's Backpages Audio, August 1993

Interviewed in his Brill Building office, Simon looks back at his early days as a songwriter and guitar player: the small labels at 1650 Broadway; his dad's band playing at the Roseland ballroom; his R&B and doo wop roots, and the demos he cut with Carole King. He talks about his experience of the Greenwich Village folk scene; his move to England and the influence of English folk; the evolution of his songwriting... and the beauty of Art Garfunkel's voice.

File format: mp3; file size: 51.1mb, interview length: 53' 15" sound quality: ***

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Simon & Garfunkel: Both the Hair and Names Are Real

Interview by Loraine Alterman, Detroit Free Press, 4 February 1966

WHEN I FIRST heard the names Simon and Garfunkel, I laughed. Those names sounded too funny to be real. But they are. ...

A Symposium: Is Folk Rock Really 'White Rock'?

Letter by Robert Shelton, The New York Times, 20 February 1966



Essay by Paul Williams, Crawdaddy!, March 1966

ROCK 'N' ROLL songs, according to a joke now about ten years old, have three types of lyrics: a) I love my baby, b) my ...

New to the Charts: Enter the intellectual S & G!

Interview by Tracy Thomas, New Musical Express, 8 April 1966

"LIFE IS like a game. Everyone keeps trying to find out how to win. If you stopped trying to discover this, life would be nothing." ...

Paul Simon: Now They All Want Paul Simon Songs!

Interview by Keith Altham, New Musical Express, 22 April 1966

THE MOST SIGNIFICANT influence in popular music today, since the emergence of that well-known Lennon-McCartney firm, seems to be the mini-sized music-maker Paul Simon, who ...

Paul Simon: 'I Thought I Was a Has-Been at 19'

Interview by David Griffiths, Record Mirror, 30 April 1966

PAUL SIMON is the composer of 21 songs, most of which have been put to work for him very profitably. ...

Paul Simon: Pop think-in

Interview by uncredited writer, Melody Maker, 30 April 1966

The biggest thing Dylan has got going for him is his mystique ...

The Mamas and The Papas, Simon & Garfunkel: Melodyland Theatre, Anaheim, CA

Live Review by Mike Tuck, KRLA Beat, 2 July 1966

Cass Goes to England 'To Get' Beatles' John ...

Simon & Garfunkel: Too Many Releases 'Kill' Simon And Garfunkel 'Rock' Single

Interview by Keith Altham, New Musical Express, 15 July 1966

IN AUGUST, 1965, an album titled The Paul Simon Song Book was released by CBS featuring the composition 'I Am A Rock'. In September a ...

Simon & Garfunkel: Marquee, London

Live Review by Alan Walsh, Melody Maker, 16 July 1966

SIMON AND Garfunkel's only London appearance at the Marquee on Sunday was, from an artist-audience point of view, a major success. ...

The Mamas and the Papas, Simon and Garfunkel: Forest Hills Music Festival, Queens NY

Live Review by Robert Shelton, The New York Times, 8 August 1966


Simon & Garfunkel: A Law Firm They're Not

Interview by Robert Shelton, The New York Times, 28 August 1966

ALMOST BEFORE the public knew whether Simon and Garfunkel was a comedy act, a law firm, or a partnership in the garment industry, the two ...

Simon & Garfunkel: The Sound of J.D. Salinger Clapping

Profile and Interview by Richard Goldstein, The Village Voice, 3 November 1966

WE KNOW about the sound of two hands clapping. We're pretty sure these days what one hand clapping sounds like. But what is the sound ...

Simon & Garfunkel: Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme (Columbia)

Review by Gene Sculatti, Mojo Navigator, 8 November 1966

SIMON AND Garfunkel's third album is quite different from their second (their first, all-folk album was produced before their first hit and is nowhere as ...

Simon & Garfunkel: Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme (Columbia CS-9363, CL 2563)

Review by Pete Johnson, Los Angeles Times, 20 November 1966

S and G Sing of Sly Sociology ...

Simon And Garfunkel Selling Intellectualism

Comment by Carol Deck, KRLA Beat, 17 December 1966

INTELLECTUALISM has always been an underground movement in America. It is something that the majority of people view as just a fad — like swallowing ...

New albums from the Mamas and the Papas, Simon & Garfunkel et al

Review by Peter Jones, Norman Jopling, Record Mirror, 7 January 1967

Mamas and Papas next single on their new LP ...

Simon & Garfunkel: Royal Albert Hall, London

Live Review by Nick Jones, Melody Maker, 25 March 1967

TWO people, one guitar, gave a concert of overwhelming beauty, compassion, and entertainment at London's vast Royal Albert Hall, last Saturday, where enormous crowds flocked ...

Simon and Garfunkel: Royal Albert Hall, London

Live Review by Hugh Nolan, Disc and Music Echo, 25 March 1967

AFTER WATCHING Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel and one guitar hold a packed London Albert Hall audience — probably six to seven thousand people — in ...

At Monterey Fairgounds: 1st Pop Music Festival Draws Large Crowds

Report by Pete Johnson, Los Angeles Times, 19 June 1967

MONTEREY — Thirty thousand people swelled the city of Monterey over the weekend for the first International Festival of Pop Music, held in the outdoor ...

Keith Altham Planes West to Cover America's Monterey Pop Festival and Cables This Day-By-Day Report

Report by Keith Altham, New Musical Express, 24 June 1967

WE DROVE to London Airport in Animal manager Mike Jeffery's Rolls-Royce while he dictated a few last minute instructions to assistant Tony Garland — "Ring ...

Monterey Pop Festival: The Hip Homunculus

Report by Richard Goldstein, The Village Voice, 29 June 1967

"The West is the best: Get here and we'll do the rest!" — The Doors ...

Snap, Crackle, Pop World of Simon and Garfunkel

Profile and Interview by Pete Johnson, Los Angeles Times, 24 July 1967

"I WAS NOT prepared for success. My image of myself was not that of a teen star, a Monkees type of scene. I felt very ...

Snap, Crackle, Pop World of Simon and Garfunkel

Interview by Pete Johnson, Los Angeles Times, 24 July 1967

"I WAS NOT prepared for success. My image of myself was not that of a teen star, a Monkees type of scene. I felt very ...

Inside The Mind of Paul Simon (part 1)

Interview by Jim Delehant, Hit Parader, August 1967

A LOT OF readers have been asking for an interview with Simon and Garfunkel. After much difficulty in tracing them down (it was impossible to ...

Inside The Mind of Paul Simon (part 2)

Interview by Jim Delehant, Hit Parader, September 1967

Last month, Paul Simon commented on current singers, songs and his own songwriting. He gets into it again this time along with a dash of ...

My Favorite Records: Simon & Garfunkel's Paul Simon

Interview by Jim Delehant, Hit Parader, October 1967

As told to Jim Delehant ...

Simon & Garfunkel: Bookends (Columbia); Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky Mick & Tich: If No One Sang (Fontana)

Review by Norman Jopling, Record Mirror, 8 June 1968


Simon & Garfunkel: 'Mrs. Robinson'

Review by Penny Valentine, Disc and Music Echo, 6 July 1968

I HAVE A strange and nice feeling that this is going to be the record to break the Simon & Garfunkel chart silence in Britain. ...

Simon & Garfunkel: Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M. (CBS 63370)

Review by uncredited writer, Record Mirror, 23 November 1968


Film Graduation For Simon, Garfunkel

Report and Interview by Keith Altham, New Musical Express, 1969

"THE Graduate, the film which features ‘Mrs. Robinson,’ has given Simon and Garfunkel the kind of status in America that the Beatles have now," their ...

Simon & Garfunkel: The Wizards

Profile by Lon Goddard, Record Mirror, 8 February 1969

SOME YEARS ago, in the days of pop's infancy, the fickle finger of fate (thank you Dick Martin and Dan Rowan) struck a golden combination. ...

Johnny Cash & Bob Dylan: Mind blowing duo

Interview by Richard Green, New Musical Express, 29 March 1969

NME's Richard Green talks to their producer, Bob Johnston ...

Simon and Garfunkel: Bridge Over Troubled Water (CBS Stereo 63699)

Review by Lon Goddard, Record Mirror, 7 February 1970

A long wait for S and G album — but well worth it! ...

Simon And Garfunkel: Bridge Over Troubled Waters (CBS)

Review by Richard Williams, Melody Maker, 7 February 1970

IT'S BEEN 18 months since the release of Simon and Garfunkel's last album, and for much of its length Bridge Over Troubled Waters makes the ...

Simon and Garfunkel's Amazing Reaction to London Concert

Comment by Miranda Ward, New Musical Express, 2 May 1970


Paul Simon

Interview by Loraine Alterman, Rolling Stone, 28 May 1970

PAUL SIMON arrived wearing a blue loden coat with the hood pulled up. Beneath it he had on black trousers and a black shirt. He ...

Simon on the split... The Paul Simon interview — part two

Interview by Caroline Boucher, Disc, 23 June 1973

WHEN CONFRONTED with the inevitable questions about the split partner, Artie Garfunkel, Paul Simon always says now that it is three years since he made ...

Art Garfunkel: Artie Gets His Feet Wet

Interview by Jerry Gilbert, Sounds, 30 March 1974

Jerry Gilbert talks to Art Garfunkel and finds out his future plans ...

Paul Simon: Not So Simple Simon

Essay by Dave Laing, Let It Rock, June 1974

Dave Laing surveys Paul Simon's ten years in music ...

Simon & Garfunkel Reunite: It's Paul, But Is It Art?

Report and Interview by Wayne Robins, Rolling Stone, 18 December 1975

NEW YORK – Comedian Richard Belzer was warming up the studio audience for NBC's Saturday Night program, October 18th. This, he was saying, was an ...

Tom Wilson: The Man Who Put Electricity Into Dylan

Interview by Michael Watts, Melody Maker, 31 January 1976

TOM WILSON is an elegant, very tall (6ft 4in) black American, a former Harvard man who talks a little like Bill Cosby but whose pencil-thin ...

Talking All That Jazz: the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame

Column by Danny Fields, Spin, April 1990

The Dish, The Dirt, The Inside Dope Sussed by DANNY FIELDS ...

Breakfast with Art Garfunkel

Interview by Paul Zollo, SongTalk, 1993

SIMON AND GARFUNKEL are rehearsing. We're at the Paramount theatre in Manhattan on an October afternoon, about halfway into their unprecedented 21-night series of sold-out ...

I wanna be Bobby's grrl

Review by Barbara Ellen, The Times, 21 January 2000

SUGGESTING THAT you might like the new Primal Scream album, Exterminator (Creation £14.99) is a bit like saying that you might enjoy having a helicopter ...

Paul Simon: Life After The Capeman

Interview by Chris Ingham, MOJO, November 2000

PAUL SIMON AND I are alone in a large, dim, empty room in a Manhattan rehearsal complex and he’s zippered up to his throat, ever-present ...

All Gone To Look for America: Simon & Garfunkel

Sleeve notes by Bud Scoppa, Sony Legacy, February 2001

Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M. THE NOTION THAT BABY BOOMERS can stake the first claim on rock and roll is a fiction. The fact is, it ...

Simon & Garfunkel Reissues

Review by Ian MacDonald, Uncut, August 2001

Wednesday Morning, 3am*/The Sounds Of Silence****/Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme***/Bookends*****/Bridge Over Troubled Water*** (All Columbia) Sixties folk-rock digitally done up and decorated with extra tracks ...

Simon and Garfunkel: MEN Arena, Manchester

Live Review by Andy Gill, The Independent, 19 July 2004

AS YOU'D EXPECT, the greying audience for Simon and Garfunkel's first UK show in 30 years is similar to that which regularly turns out for ...

Surprise Surprise: Paul Simon

Interview by Bill DeMain, Performing Songwriter, September 2006

"THE TRUTH is flexible and complex," says Paul Simon. On the eleven songs that make up his latest album Surprise, the legendary songwriter sizes up ...

Think Too Much: The Simon & Garfunkel Album That Wasn't

Retrospective by Robin Platts, Analog Planet, 1 January 2011

2013 NOTE: This is my only contribution to music journalism in the past few years. It was written because I went to see Simon and ...

David Browne: Fire And Rain: The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, James Taylor, CSNY and the Lost Story Of 1970 (Da Capo)

Book Review by Rob Young, The Word, June 2011

AROUND 15 MAY 1970, Neil Young glanced at Time magazine's coverage of the killing of four students at Kent State, grabbed a guitar and within ...

Writing To Reach You

Overview by Graeme Thomson, The Word, March 2012

Because sometimes the only way musicians can actually talk to each other is by writing songs ...

Bob Johnston, 1932-2015

Obituary by Richard Williams, The Guardian, 18 August 2015

Record producer who played a significant role in the recording career of Bob Dylan. ...

The 30 best live concert albums of all time

Guide by Ian Winwood, Daily Telegraph, 22 April 2020

LAST WEEK, A STORY appeared in the New York Times that predicted that live music would not return to the world's stages until the autumn ...

Simon & Garfunkel and the battle of Central Park: Inside the concert that tore them apart

Retrospective by Ian Winwood, Daily Telegraph, 3 June 2020

IN THE SUMMER of 1981, Paul Simon received a call from the Long Island concert promoter Ron Delsener. The 44-year-old Tri-State impresario was speaking on ...

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