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A Conservative Impulse in the New Rock Underground

Report by James Wolcott, The Village Voice, 18 August 1975

"No longer is the rock impulse revolutionary — i.e., the transformation of oneself and society — but conservative: to carry on the rock tradition." ...

New York: The Sound Of '75

Report by Charles Shaar Murray, New Musical Express, 8 November 1975

"BEAT ON the brat, beat on the brat, beat on the brat with a baseball bat..." ...

Various Artists: Live At CBGB's/Max's Kansas City 1976

Review by Charles Shaar Murray, New Musical Express, 27 November 1976

YOU KNOW what these albums remind me of: The This Is Mersey Beat collections that Oriole put out after the first wave of Liverpool bands had gotten ...

Various Artists: Live At CBGB's (CBGB 315)

Review by Gene Sculatti, Crawdaddy!, December 1976


Shirts: Lackeys, Schemers, Pants, Sleeves, Cufflinks And Shirts

Profile and Interview by Sandy Robertson, Sounds, 8 April 1978

"WE WERE always obscure in a way. The way things went, we developed our own world, sort of. We have our own language, words that ...

The Shirts: Dingwalls, London

Live Review by Chris Salewicz, New Musical Express, 22 July 1978

DO NOT BE fooled by New York New Wave. New York Punk is mainly the product of the small, highly incestuous Soho arts scene. Jimmy ...

The Shirts: Dingwall's, London

Live Review by Harry Doherty, Melody Maker, 22 July 1978

YOU KNOW the feeling. Out comes a new album from a new band and you get so enthusiastic about it that you're falling over yourself ...

The Shirts: Shirts Appeal – Loosen Your Choler

Profile and Interview by Max Bell, New Musical Express, 9 December 1978

THE SHIRTS from Brooklyn reckon they've been mistreated. Right from the moment their name went on CBGB's lavatory wall. They are angry. But not beaten ...

The Shirts: Street Light Shine (Capitol) ***½

Review by Sandy Robertson, Sounds, 22 September 1979

THE SHIRTS are the problem children of the New York rock scene, but they don't let it show; desperation wouldn't suit them at all. ...


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