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Scritti Politti: Do The Gart, Man

Interview by Terry Staunton, New Musical Express, 16 March 1991

THE DANCEHALL FOUNDATIONS are shaking and there's outrage in the ragga ranks. A white pop star has plundered their culture with the aid of Lennon ...

Shabba Ranks: As Raw As Ever

Review by Mark Cooper, Q, July 1991

AS THE REIGNING king of Dancehall, Rexton Gordon aka Shabba Ranks is a major Jamaican sex symbol, ambitious enough to crush his rivals at Sunsplash ...

Shabba Ranks: Brixton Academy, London

Live Review by Lloyd Bradley, The Independent, 24 September 1991

Send for a Priest: Lloyd Bradley on some baggy clothes and some sloppy delivery from Shabba Ranks at Brixton Academy ...

Shabba Ranks: Brixton Academy, London

Live Review by Dele Fadele, New Musical Express, 5 October 1991

LIKE THE herbsman grassed upon by his neighhours, some nasty rumours have been circulating recently about Shabba Ranks. To wit: that he's completely lost the ...

Shabba Ranks: Rough & Ready — Volume 1 (Epic 471442 2)

Review by Andy Gill, The Independent, 13 August 1992

CONTINUING ITS desperate, doomed quest to bring ragga to the masses, Epic offers another album by Shabba Ranks, on the back of a single hoisted ...

Dancehall Invasion

Report by Richard Gehr, Newsday, 27 August 1992

CURRENTLY MAKING impressive inroads into the American market, dancehall reggae may be the most challenging--and, many would say, irritating--style of popular music since rap, which ...

Shabba Ranks: Taking Reggae Beyond Marley

Report and Interview by Don Snowden, Los Angeles Times, 4 October 1992

Dancehall is the sound of young Jamaica, modern reggae in a faster, electronic style, and it's winning a once-elusive African-American audience ...

"Using Guns. That's Nothing To Do With Any Sort Of Music."

Report and Interview by Lloyd Bradley, The Independent, 17 April 1993

A man was hurt in a shooting at a ragga concert. Is violence taking over? Lloyd Bradley looks for some answers ...

Ragga: The Experience

Report by uncredited writer, Smash Hits, 26 May 1993

18-year-old Massie from Croydon is a regular at a South London club that's known for its ragga nights. Here she tells of a typical Thursday ...

Ragga Bragger — Shabba Ranks: Maestro Club, Bradford

Live Review by Simon Warner, The Guardian, 28 May 1993

Shabba Ranks, the bad boy of ragga, in Bradford ...

Shabba: Arrival — Ragga's Born Again

Report and Interview by Dele Fadele, New Musical Express, 25 December 1993

Just as grunge crossed over from the streets to the catwalk, RAGGA made the shift from underground to mainstream in 1993. Laying siege to the ...

Shabba Ranks

Book Excerpt by Phil Hardy, Dave Laing, The Faber Companion to 20th-Century Popular Music, 2001

b. Rexton Fernando Gordon, 17 January 1966, Sturgetown, Jamaica, West Indies ...


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