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Popular Records: Dirt Band and Seeds Sprout Hits

Review by Pete Johnson, Los Angeles Times, 2 April 1967

TWO LOCAL groups straddling different sectors of pop music, each of which ripened amid the musical upheaval of the past year, have emerged from months ...

Top Tunes: The Seeds

Interview by Michael Oberman, Evening Star, The (Washington DC), 24 June 1967

"THE 'HATE march' days are over, now it's love and be loved and flower music expresses this emotion powerfully and beautifully," says Lord Tim Hudson, ...

Nuggets; Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era Compiled by Lenny Kaye (Elektra 7E-2006)

Review by Greg Shaw, Rolling Stone, 4 January 1973

Punk Rock: the arrogant underbelly of '60s pop ...

The A-Z of Punk

Overview by Giovanni Dadomo, Sounds, 17 July 1976

THE ORIGINAL idea behind this A-Z was to try and provide a guide to 'punk' as it's now generally understood, i.e. as much a question ...

The Seeds: The Seeds (Crescendo GNP2023)

Review by Jane Suck, Sounds, 23 July 1977

"I'D HIT ya in the jugular/But honey you know I'm lazy…" I won't tell you nuthin' about the band, not even the toothpaste they used, ...

Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968 (Sire)

Review by Stephen Demorest, Circus, 4 August 1977

THERE'S NO way you can take rock & roll too seriously after listening to this stuff. Compiled by Lenny Kaye (yes, he's also lead guitarist ...

Steve Miller/Seeds Records

Review by Robot A. Hull, Creem, October 1977

The Steve Miller Band: Book Of Dreams (Capitol)The Seeds: Fallin’ Off The Edge (GNP Crescendo) ...

The Seeds: Merlin's Music Box

Review by Jon Savage, Sounds, 29 April 1978

In which Sounds scribes bring long ignored or deleted albums to your attention. No star rating necessary – naturally, they're all Very Important Platters ...

That's Cool That's Trash: A History of the First Punk Era, Part 2

Retrospective by Robot A. Hull, Creem, July 1979

THE STANDELLS story convolutes through a media maze. Russ Tamblyn's brother, Larry Tamblyn, had already recorded on an East L.A. Mex-punk label when he founded ...

Where Are They Now: Sky Saxon

Interview by Michael Goldberg, Rolling Stone, 12 September 1985

The leader of the Seeds was 'Pushin' Too Hard' in the Sixties; now he'd into 'flower heaven power'. ...

The Seeds

Book Excerpt by Phil Hardy, Dave Laing, Faber Companion to 20th Century Popular Music, 2001

Sky Saxon, b. Richard Marsh; Daryl Hooper; Jon Savage; Rick Andridge ...

The Seeds: Borderline, London

Live Review by Adam Sweeting, The Guardian, 24 June 2003

THEY HAD A QUESTION about psychedelic California bands on University Challenge the other night, but the Seeds didn't get a mention. About all anybody can ...

Sky Saxon & The Seeds: The Cluny, Newcastle

Live Review by Rahul Shrivastava,, October 2005

IF YOU'VE EVER seen the early Jack Nicholson film Psych Out (1968), you'll remember the acid trip scene in the graveyard, where a funeral procession ...

Sky Saxon 1937-2009: A Belated Tribute to an Acid-Punk Icon

Retrospective by Barney Hoskyns, Rock's Backpages, June 2009

Lost in the the shock and hysteria of Michael Jackson's death was the scant reportage of another pop passing: that of crazed LA garage-pop ...

Real Gone: Sky Saxon

Obituary by Kirk Silsbee, MOJO, September 2009

SKY SAXON, the colorful lead singer and sometime bassist of the Seeds, one of the great Sunset Strip bands of the 1960s, died June 25 ...

Various Artists: Where The Action Is! – Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 (Rhino)

Review by Jeff Tamarkin, MOJO, October 2009

The latest in the Nuggets franchise documents the most fertile few years in southern Californian music history, taking in curios, weirdos, hipsters, freaks and a ...

22420 Pacific Coast Highway: Tales of Tim Hudson, Sky Saxon… and Ian Botham

Memoir by Mick Middles, Rock's Backpages, July 2012

STICK-THIN, clad in purple and black. Leather trousers, knee-length boots. Boney, bug-eyed, skank hair, dead face, white cheeks. This strange man was telling me to ...

Jan Savage 1942-2020

Obituary by Harvey Kubernik, Ugly Things, 11 August 2020

JAN SAVAGE (born Buck Jan Reeder), guitarist with American rock band the Seeds, died in early August, according to a report in The Ada News ...

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