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Julian Lennon: Photograph Smile; Sean Lennon: Into The Sun

Review by Kit Aiken, Uncut, June 1998

IT'S HARD ENOUGH for musicians to get out from under the shadows of the giants, but if your father was one of the most loved, ...

Sean Lennon: Into the Sun (Grand Royal)

Review by Barney Hoskyns, Request, June 1998

AFTER THE DAMP SQUIB that half-bro Jules' career turned out to be – and considering the band IMA's collaboration with Yoko Ono on Rising – ...

Air/Sean Lennon: Ritz, Manchester

Live Review by Rob Chapman, MOJO, January 1999

SOMEONE ONCE said of Dylan's Renaldo & Clara that, while it didn't convince you that he was a great film-maker, it did confirm that he ...

The MOJO Interview: Sean Lennon

Interview by Alan Light, MOJO, July 2016

"IT'S STILL NEW YORK!" says Sean Lennon with a laugh as a voice suddenly starts hollering in Spanish on the sidewalk directly in front of ...

Darkness And Relief: Sean Lennon's 13 Favourite Albums

Interview by Patrick Clarke, The Quietus, 19 July 2017

From Herbie Hancock's darkest depths to Brian Eno's anxiety-relieving light, Sean Lennon guides Patrick Clarke through thirteen records that changed his life. ...

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