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The Saints: I'm Stranded

Review by Kris Needs, ZigZag, May 1977

HEY! THIS IS a nice surprise! Almost out of nowhere comes this rip-snorter of an album when all we'd had from The Saints before was ...

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Book Excerpt by Caroline Coon, 1988: The New Wave Punk Rock Explosion, 1977

"I want more bands like us. I want people to go out and start something, to see us and start something, or else I'm just ...

The Saints: (I'm) Stranded (EMI Import EMC 2870 Code 304)

Review by Barry Cain, Record Mirror, 12 March 1977

St. Stranded ...

The Saints: Would You Let These Men Tie Your Kangaroo Down?

Interview by Peter Silverton, Sounds, 14 May 1977

Watch out, sport, the Saints are coming. PETE SILVERTON gets a buzz from 'em. ...

The Ramones, Talking Heads, The Saints: The Roundhouse, London

Live Review by Jon Savage, Sounds, 18 June 1977

AND I'M supposed to be objective about these guys when I've lived with their first album for 15 months? When that was one of last ...

Saints or sinners?

Interview by Rosalind Russell, Record Mirror, 25 June 1977

THINK OF Australia. Think of Bondai Beach. Think of Fosters lager. Think of big butch lifeguards sunbathing on their surf boards. Ned Kelly. Botany Bay, ...

The Saints, 999: The Nashville, London

Live Review by Paul Rambali, New Musical Express, 2 July 1977

THERE IS A TEMPTATION to regard The Saints as comic. This stems from a number of idiosyncratic things about them, not least of which is ...

The Saints

Profile and Interview by Gary Pig Gold, The Pig Paper, August 1977

DID YOU know that there's a punk band in Australia? Well, there are punk bands in Toronto, so nothing should surprise you. ...

The Saints: Music Machine, London

Live Review by Rosalind Russell, Record Mirror, 15 October 1977

THE SAINTS opened their new British tour at the Camden Music Machine — that was their first and I hope only mistake. It's fine booking ...

The Saints: (I'm) Stranded (Sire)

Review by Robot A. Hull, Creem, December 1977


Generation X, The Saints, The Lurkers, The Valves: The Roundhouse, London

Live Review by Rosalind Russell, Record Mirror, 10 December 1977

Gen Xcellent ...

The Saints: Tiffany's, Edinburgh

Live Review by Ronnie Gurr, Record Mirror, 22 April 1978


The Saints: Civic Hotel, Sydney

Live Review by Clinton Walker, TAGG, 14 March 1980

IT'S HARD TO know where to begin. I mean, I can't call this band currently touring Australia under the Saints moniker "the Saints" without wincing. ...

Paralytic Today, Paris Tonight: The Saints

Retrospective and Interview by Barney Hoskyns, unpublished, 1981

AT THIS TIME, A RETROSPECTIVE on the Saints could only be written by someone with a sense of great personal mission. Perhaps it's even a ...

The Saints: Out In The Jungle (Flicknife)/The Barracudas: Mean Time (Closer)/New Race: The First And The Last

Review by Barney Hoskyns, New Musical Express, 16 April 1983

I MUST applaud the mysterious Tony D for his live review of The Barracudas (12/2/83) – the gig excited me in exactly the same way. ...

Chris Bailey: Saint in Search of Earthiness

Interview by Clinton Walker, The Age, 25 November 1983

CHRIS BAILEY — troubador. That may be a new tag to stick on the Saints' front-man, but it's a reasonably accurate one, at least at ...

The Saints: Wild About You (Raven/Hot)

Review and Interview by Jon Savage, MOJO, December 2000

First stellar collection of the Aussie garage punks’ late ‘70s triumphs: two CDs, 47 tracks, sleevenotes, unseen photos and discography. ...

Do The Pop! The Australian Garage Rock Sound 1976-87 (Shock)

Sleeve notes by Dave Laing (Australia), Shock, 2002

Come on baby it's time to moveYou been saying there's nothing to doDon't be afraid of bustin' out of your cageGonna cruise around gonna burn ...

I’m Stranded: Ed Kuepper on the Making of the Saints’ Classic Debut

Interview by Joe Matera, Australian Guitar, 2004

JM: You actually did two sessions for I’m Stranded. Did you use the same gear for both sessions? ...

The Saints: All Times Through Paradise (EMI)

Review by Barney Hoskyns, Uncut, September 2004

4-CD box set of bolshy Ozpunks' three late '70s albums and unreleased Live in London set from late '77, plus numerous out/alternate takes, B-sides and ...

The Saints: It Came From Down Under

Retrospective by Kieron Tyler, MOJO, November 2004

The Saints were punk before punk, four Australian rebels with a paint-peeling sound and the ultimate screw-you attitude. Kieron Tyler charts their short, sharp startling ...

Prehistoric Sounds: In Search of an Australian Rock'n'Roll

Overview by Mark Mordue, Sydney Morning Herald, the, 28 December 2004

I'VE STARTED writing this story a hundred different ways and every time I think I might be getting somewhere I end up stumbling across some ...

Overcoming the Cringe: A Potted History of Australian Rock and Pop

Overview by Clinton Walker, Sunday Mail (Australia), 2006

WHEN ROCK 'N' ROLL exploded by that name in the mid-1950s, it wasn't as if there hadn't been any warning. For the some time [sic ...

Brisbane's Pig City Festival

Report by Clinton Walker, Brisbane Courier-Mail, July 2007

THE QUEENSLAND Music Festival, which is launched next Friday with a dawn concert in Winton and runs for a fortnight till July 29, is an ...

Come the Revolution: Oz punk

Retrospective and Interview by Keith Cameron, The Guardian, 20 July 2007

You thought punks in the UK had things to be angry about? Over in Australia, bands had a real fight on their hands, says Keith ...

Saint Ed Kuepper to be honoured with renamed Brisbane park

Report and Interview by Andrew Stafford, The Guardian, 9 July 2017

Push for Brisbane to further celebrate its second seminal band as Ed Kuepper Park named in city's south-west. ...

Chris Bailey of the Saints: the voice that tore across the world, and changed the face of Brisbane

Comment by Andrew Stafford, The Guardian, 11 April 2022

David Malouf said poetry could never occur in Brisbane in the '70s and '80s. The Saints proved otherwise – and revolutionised the music industry. ...

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