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Wu-Tang Clan: Clan O'War

Interview by Sonia Poulton, Muzik, September 1995

Staten Island's WU-TANG CLAN are the most notorious hip hop crew of the Nineties. And the biggest-selling. Here, RZA and Raekwon give a rare insight ...

Wu-Tang Clan: Martial Lore

Special Feature by Neil Kulkarni, Melody Maker, 24 May 1997

Public Enemy's fall from grace left hip hop without a heroic focus. Enter WU-TANG CLAN, a crew from Staten Island whose ever-changing line-up has produced ...

RZA Presents Wu-Tang Killa Bees: The Swarm Volume 1 (Wu-Tang Records)

Review by Andy Crysell, New Musical Express, 5 September 1998


RZA: The Digital Revolution

Interview by Stevie Chick, Melody Maker, 28 November 1998

One minute RZA's producing the Wu-Tang Clan, the next he's writing as his alter ego Bobby Digital, then he's off to star in the movies. ...

RZA: The Man With The Microchip Brain

Interview by Miles Marshall Lewis, Spin, December 1998

Wu-Tang Clan frontman RZA makes his first movie: the bizarre sci-fi hip-hop adventure flick, Bobby Digital ...

RZA: RZA As Bobby Digital In Stereo (Gee St/V2) ****; Method Man Tical 2000: Judgement Day (Def Jam) ****

Review by Mark Cooper, Q, January 1999

Yo! Apocalypse: It's a mad, bad, Wu-Tang world ...

The RZA: Subterania, London

Live Review by Simon Price, Independent on Sunday, 26 August 2001

AT SUBTERANIA, a man in a scruffy striped shirt, steel-rimmed specs and a battered fishing hat slouches onstage, half boho/half hobo, swigging a bottle of ...

Wu-Tang Clan: Putting the record straight

Interview by John Lewis, Metro, 10 December 2007

The hunger has returned: Wu-Tang Clan, with group leader RZA are back and ready to rule the hip hop world again with new album 8 ...

With Wu-Tang Clan and Jurassic 5 touring, why are we hooked on nineties hip hop?

Report and Interview by John Lewis, Metro, 7 June 2013

Hip hop heads often get misty-eyed about the 'golden age' of hip hop. But when was it? The formative years of Grandmaster Flash and Sugarhill ...

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