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Richard Hell: The Return Of The Bug-Eyed Monster

Interview by Giovanni Dadomo, Sounds, 13 January 1979


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Richard Hell (2005)

Interview by Richard Cabut, Rock's Backpages audio, 23 June 2005

The former Voidoid talks at length about his latest novel, Godlike: the provocative nature of the material; the politics of identity and political correctness, poetry. He also reflects on his '70s self; why he left music, and how his new compilation CD, Spurts: the Richard Hell Story, draws a line under his life as a musician.

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New York: Plug in to the Nerve-ends of the Naked City

Report by Nick Kent, New Musical Express, 27 March 1976

In downtown Manhattan the rock 'n' roll war rages on as potential crown princes of Punkdom battle for recognition.. NICK KENT interprets the action ...

Victor Bockris goes to the Airport with Robert Mapplethorpe

Interview by Victor Bockris, New York Rocker, December 1976

SATURDAY OCTOBER 16th 2P.M. Robert Mapplethorpe is going to California on a T.W.A. flight. I am arriving at his fifth floor Bond Street studio loft ...

Tom Verlaine: How Pleasant (?) To Know Mr Verlaine

Profile and Interview by Nick Kent, New Musical Express, 26 March 1977

OPINION: Tom Verlaine is a great songwriter, the next seminal rock charismatic, a genius.OPINION: Tom Verlaine is an egomaniac, a back-stabber, a thankless paranoid. ...

Richard Hell: The Jaws of Hell

Report and Interview by Giovanni Dadomo, Sounds, 23 April 1977

"RICHARD HELL is always a little bit WORSE than everybody else." ...

Richard Hell: Hold Off

Essay by Alan Betrock, ZigZag, July 1977

2:39 Richard Hell and the Voidoids glide into take one of 'The Plan', a quirky composition, supported by subtle mood changes. At 2:43 it's finished. ...

Richard Hell & The Voidoids: Blank Generation (Sire, Import)*****

Review by Giovanni Dadomo, Sounds, 8 October 1977

IT'S THE voice you hear first and foremost here.   ...

Talking Heads: Talking Heads '77; Richard Hell & The Voidoids: Blank Generation

Review by Nick Kent, New Musical Express, 8 October 1977

LAST MONTH the more alert London habituee got the chance to compare England's new wave inner-workings with those of its fore-runner over in New York ...

To Hell and Back: Richard Hell

Interview by Vivien Goldman, Sounds, 8 October 1977

"I'M GLAD my name's Hell, because at least those people at the radio stations are gonna have some idea what to expect. I intend to ...

Richard Hell & The Void-Oids: Blank Generation (Sire SR 6037)

Review by Fred Schruers, Rolling Stone, 20 October 1977

RICHARD HELL HAS been touted as an underground genius for nearly three years, and this debut album boldly tries to document him as such. The ...

New York Lights Up With Soggy Matches!

Overview by Robert Duncan, Creem, November 1977

A Consumer Guide To Rock's Last Drag by Robert Drizzle Duncan ...

Richard Hell & The Voidoids, Siouxsie & The Banshees: Music Machine, London

Live Review by Paul Rambali, New Musical Express, 26 November 1977

THERE IS something about the Music Machine in Camden Town that severely dulls one's capacity for enjoyment of an evening of live rock. ...

To Hell and Back: Richard Hell

Interview by John Tobler, ZigZag, February 1978

RICHARD HELL had just got up, and one of the first things he focused on was John Tobler, looming over him with a tape recorder. ...

Elvis Costello, Richard Hell, John Cooper Clarke: Hammersmith Palais, London

Live Review by Charles Shaar Murray, New Musical Express, 1979

Are you ready for the fiiinal soluuuuuuuuuuuuuushun (oh yeah)? ...

Richard Hell: Who Says It's Good To Be Alive?

Interview by Paul Rambali, New Musical Express, 6 January 1979

To Hell and back (it's located on a houseboat near Cheyne Walk)... in which the head Voidoid expounds on life in manner both humorous and ...

Elvis Costello & the Attractions, Richard Hell & the Voidoids, John Cooper Clarke: Hammersmith Palais, London

Live Review by Garry Bushell, Sounds, 10 February 1979

An exercise in calculation ...

Richard Hell & the Voidoids: CBGBs, New York NY

Live Review by Sandy Robertson, Sounds, 20 October 1979

THEY SAY that Richard Hell is damaged, and it doesn't surprise me. After quitting the spartan discipline of Television, fans of rock's elite expected the ...

Richard Hell: To Hell With Destiny

Interview by Iman Lababedi, The East Village Eye, August 1982

A TRIP down destiny street can take place any time. ...

Richard Hell: Destiny Street

Review by Mitchell Cohen, Creem, November 1982

SAY YOU AND these other guys used to hang out in this neighborhood, and you all had pretty much the same goals, the same diversions, ...

Richard Hell: Bottom Line, New York NY

Live Review by Toby Goldstein, Musician, November 1982

DURING NEW York City's early punk era. Richard Hell & the Voidoids were extremists bobbing on a sea of originals. Hell's agonized vocals whined his ...

Rock poet Richard Hell finds some solace

Interview by Jim Sullivan, The Boston Globe, 6 November 1982

ELVIS PRESLEY, Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis defined the classic rock 'n' roll position — stake a claim for living life outside society's mainstream, ...

Richard Hell

Interview by Cynthia Rose, City Limits, 1 April 1983

This week sees the opening of Smithereens, a low-budget feature film by Manhattan film school grad Susan Seidelman. Initially an experiment shot in 1980, it ...

Richard Hell on Smithereens

Review and Interview by Vernon Gibbs, Creem, May 1983

Smithereens: directed by Susan Seidelman (New Line Cinema) ...

Richard Hell: RIP (Rior)****

Review by Bill Black, Sounds, 22 December 1984

"RICHARD HELL HAS been the most emotionally compelling, brilliant, innovative and influential rock 'n' roll performer of the past ten years. Unfortunately, these qualities are ...

Robert Quine: Red Red Quine

Interview by Richard Kick, ZigZag, April 1985

WILD MEN of rock come and wild men of rock fizzle out. Or, rebels don't – their voices just fade away. Robert Quine, mild mannered ...

Robert Quine: Newark's Reverent Iconoclast

Interview by Gene Santoro, Guitar Player, January 1986

"YOU'VE GOT to hear this," insists Robert Quine, as he finds what he's looking for on a wall full of shelves sprouting thousands of records. ...

Victor Bockris presents Susan Sontag & Richard Hell, New York City, 1978

Interview by Victor Bockris, The Poetry Project, February 1995

IT WAS THE EVENING of the fifteen-foot snow blizzard and SUSAN SONTAG was due at my Greenwich Village apartment from her 107th Street penthouse at ...

Richard Hell: Go Now

Interview by Jim Sullivan, The Boston Globe, July 1996

RICHARD HELL had an idea earlier this year. ...

Robert Quine

Interview by Jason Gross, Perfect Sound Forever, November 1997

WHO IS ROBERT Quine? According to him, he 'remains one of the most compelling, appalling and universally hated figures in music history.' ...

The Richard Hell Interview

Interview by Ian Fortnam,, 2000

RICHARD MEYERS, AKA Richard Hell, has more than made his mark on many areas of the media. Musically, he formed Television with Tom Verlaine, the ...

Richard Hell & The Voidoids: Blank Generation

Review and Interview by Johnny Black, MOJO, April 2000

New York punk classic originally released in 1977, now released with extra tracks. ...

What Fresh Hell Is This?

Interview by David Dalton, Gadfly, 2002

RICHARD HELL was the primal Punk, the ur-Punk: the spiky-haired one. The torn t-shirts, the safety pins, the era-defining ‘Blank Generation’–much of the ...

Richard Hell: Hell Is Other People

Interview by Ben Myers, Careless Talk Costs Lives, March 2002

IN HOT And Cold, Richard Hell's new collection of three decades of writing, there's a photo of a young obscure poet called Theresa Stern. She ...

The Backpages Interview: Richard Hell

Interview by Barney Hoskyns, Rock's Backpages, 16 March 2002

The original Bowery ripped-shirt nihilist – born plain Richard Meyers in Kentucky – is back with two collections of odds'n'ends: the two-CD Time (Matador) and ...

Richard Hell: Time

Review by Devon Powers, PopMatters, 30 April 2002

RICHARD HELL can walk down the street in New York City's East Village without being recognized. ...

Punk's Founding Father, Richard Hell

Profile and Interview by Nick Hasted, The Independent, 19 August 2005

RICHARD HELL was punk's John the Baptist. In one year, 1974, he found the movement its home (CBGB's), created its style (ripped and spiked), indicated ...

CBGB: The Venue from Hell

Retrospective and Interview by Jenny Valentish, Inpress, January 2006

It seems like every other prepubescent has a CBGB T-shirt these days, but over in New York, the old guard are fighting a losing battle ...

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