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Q-Tip: Amplified (Arista)/A Tribe Called Quest: The Anthology (Jive)

Review by Miles Marshall Lewis, The Village Voice, 15 December 1999

THE GREATEST AESTHETIC lesson to learn from past masters like David Bowie and Madonna is the value of reinvention. ...

Quality Control: Q-Tip: Amplified (Arista) ****

Review by Ian Gittins, Q, February 2000

No slacking then from implausibly busy NY rapper. ...

Q-Tip: Growing Pains

Interview by Amy Linden, XXL, March 2002

Phife's worst nightmare has come true: Q-Tip would rather harmonize than spit. One of hip-hop's most respected MCs has flipped the script. But will the ...

Q-Tip: Abstract Poetics

Interview by Miles Marshall Lewis, The Source, April 2002

THINGS ARE ABOUT to change. Trust. The rap industry may soon find itself caught out there as many hiphop fans seek sounds more suited for ...

Q-Tip: Kamaal the Abstract

Review by Stevie Chick,, 14 September 2009

Q-Tip's previously-shelved, finally-released second album proves an undiscovered gem. ...

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