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Pylon, the Method Actors: The Post Bouffant Bop

Interview by Roy Carr, Richard Grabel, New Musical Express, 6 December 1980

Athens, Georgia, apres the B-52's: still weird, but definitely not wacky ...

Pylon, Soft Boys: Moonlight Club, London

Live Review by Betty Page, Sounds, 10 January 1981

THE SPORTING SBs stepped down for Pylon, Athenians from Georgia, after their Music Machine extravaganza was blown out by a freak fire. Best described by ...

Pylon Draws the Line

Profile by Van Gosse, The Village Voice, 25 February 1981

MY PAL Danny voices the common hipster sentiment when he says, "Pylon, they're like the 52's, but they mean it." Quite so, but then again ...

The New Independents

Overview by Van Gosse, Musician, June 1981

A pot pourri of personal insights into the galaxy of artist-centered independent labels, including a sample (sampler?) of the latest bumper crop. ...

Mitch Easter's Drive-In Studios

Interview by Roy Trakin, Musician, August 1983

Producing the Post-Punk Pantheon ...

Everything Is Cool: Form Followed Function For Athens Postpunk Legends Pylon

Retrospective and Interview by Fred Mills, Harp, December 2007

CARRBORO, N.C., 1980: An enthusiastic new wave crowd, including your future Harp correspondent, jams into a tiny club in Carrboro (near Chapel Hill) called The ...


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