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De La Soul: Pushing Up Daisies

Interview by Steven Daly, Blitz, June 1991

De La Soul are back, but rap's original hip-hop hippies are no longer wearing flowers in their hair. De La Soul Is Dead, the long-awaited ...

Prince Paul: A Prince Among Thieves (Tommy Boy); The Roots: Things Fall Apart (MCA)

Review by Neil Kulkarni, Spin, March 1999

WHAT'S SO satisfying about the new offerings from Prince Paul and the Roots is how cut-off they seem from both indie-rap's 12-inch fetishism and pop-rap's ...

The Director's Cut: Prince Paul's Prince Among Thieves

Review by RJ Smith, The Village Voice, 2 March 1999

NOBODY IN THE genre today sees more possibility in hip-hop than Prince Paul. I say that in the face of his tour de force A Prince ...

Eight reasons why Prince Paul rocks

Interview by RJ Smith, Spin, January 2000

1. Not content with merely putting skits on hip-hop albums, he invented the hip-hop skit as album. ...

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