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It's Ska — but we call it Blue Beat!

Report by Maureen Cleave, The Evening Standard, 7 March 1964

I SUPPOSE we'd all reckoned without Jamaica. Since the failure of that embarrassing calypso which we were told would sweep the nation — the nation ...

Ska: Fascinating rhythm

Retrospective by Sean O'Hagan, The Guardian, 29 October 1999

Fresh out of young Jamaica in the 60s, ska became the defining sound of a vibrant music scene — in turn it influenced 70s reggae, ...

Atlantic Label Releases Hot on Jamaica Ska Disks

Report by uncredited writer, Billboard, 23 May 1964

NEW YORK — Atlantic Records will soon release several dozen Jamaica Ska disks. ...

It's the Blue-Beat Craze

Report by Norman Jopling, Record Mirror, 15 February 1964


Marvin Gaye & Kim Weston, John Lee Hooker, Byrds, Prince Buster et al Album Reviews

Review by Peter Jones, Norman Jopling, Record Mirror, 6 May 1967

Some sophisticated new Motown albums ...

Who, Prince Buster, Bee Gees et al: New Singles Reviewed

Review by Peter Jones, Record Mirror, 22 April 1967

Top class, dramatic newie from Bee Gees, and a not so commercial Tremeloes — slow soul from Sam & Dave, & delicate new P. P. ...

Reggae Part 1: Jamaica

Report by Danny Holloway, New Musical Express, 20 January 1973

WHENEVER I've gone home to America in the past couple of years, the question I'm always asked is "What's happening in England?" And okay, I ...

Prince Buster: Fabulous Greatest Hits (Melodisc) ****

Review by Peter Silverton, Sounds, 1 March 1980

1966 BEING 1966, a couple of light and bitters in the Sussex (a good two years underage) was the strongest refreshment to hand. Weed was ...

Prince Buster: The Forum, London

Live Review by Lloyd Bradley, MOJO, December 2000

WHERE DO skinhead women go during the week? You see the blokes: driving white vans, doing unmentionable things to your u-bend or even practicing as ...


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