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Portishead: Dummy (Go Beat/All formats)

Review by Stephen Dalton, New Musical Express, 13 August 1994

POOR PORTISHEAD. The town, I mean, not the slo-mo sound sculptors who have made this innocuous seaside hideaway sound so relentlessly tragic. For this is, ...

Trip Hop Don't Stop: Massive Attack and Portishead

Interview by Simon Reynolds, Melody Maker, 17 September 1994

Imagine a cross between ambient and hip-hop. Imagine a Brit version of Cypress Hill or Gravediggaz's spooky Gothic Hop. Imagine the sound of 'bombs exploding ...


Interview by Martin Aston, Q, November 1994

"IT'S NOT that I'm sick of hearing praise," Geoff Barrow retorts, "it's just that I can't quite believe it, or even understand it." ...

Portishead: The Reluctant Debutante

Report and Interview by Ben Thompson, Independent on Sunday, 11 December 1994

IF YOU WERE the most compelling and enigmatic new group in Britain, playing your first proper gig in the sort of London club where Christine ...

Portishead: Give Good 'Head

Interview by Everett True, Melody Maker, 21 January 1995

From a tiny town outside Bristol came last year's best album, the piercing, lovelorn and sexy-as-f*** Dummy by PORTISHEAD. EVERETT TRUE meets the band to ...

Massive Attack: Surprise Attack

Report and Interview by William Shaw, Details, February 1995

Massive Attack invented a loping, trippy dance sound that could have turned them into international stars. When they decided they'd rather stay home in Bristol, ...


Profile and Interview by Calvin Bush, i-D, February 1995

BEING UNIQUE means both having no equals and standing alone. Celebrating freedom, lamenting solitude. The infinite vastness of the air you breathe and the pressured ...

Trip Hop: Another City, Another New Sound

Report by Simon Reynolds, The New York Times, 28 May 1995

POP GROUPS hate being identified as part of a scene centred on a city. But if there's one thing bands resent even more, it is ...

Portishead: Usher Hall, Edinburgh

Live Review by Stephen Dalton, New Musical Express, 3 June 1995


Portishead: Usher Hall, Edinburgh

Live Review by Jim Irvin, MOJO, July 1995

"That," says a chap in the gents after the show "was THE oddest gig I've ever seen." ...

Trip Hop: Where The Beats Have No Name

Report and Interview by Stephen Dalton, Vox, July 1995

Trip-hop is now part of pop's international language — but the pioneers of Britain's most successful musical export in years refuse to admit it exists... ...

"Rock died out and then came pop now you're living in the world of... Trip Hop" — U.N.K.L.E.: 'If You Find Earth Boring'

Report by Bethan Cole, Mixmag, August 1995

One year ago we coined the term 'trip hop' for a new, instrumental school of stoned hip hop rhythms and psychedelic wizardry. Since then, the ...

War Child

Report and Interview by Ian Watson, Melody Maker, 9 September 1995

IAN WATSON talks to the bands who are contributing to the Help album and how this project compares to pop's last major charity initiative, the ...

Ballads: Heart of Darkness

Essay by David Toop, The Face, September 1996

Can the ballad survive in the post-soul '90s, asks David Toop. ...

Portishead: Roseland Ballroom, New York NY

Live Review by Neil Kulkarni, Melody Maker, 16 August 1997


Portishead: You Only Live Twice

Interview by Paul Trynka, MOJO, October 1997

They inspired with Dummy. And nearly expired making its successor. As Portishead finally deliver their eagerly-awaited second album. Paul Trynka uncovers the turmoil behind their ...

Dread again — Portishead: Portishead (Go! Beat) *****

Review by Caroline Sullivan, The Guardian, 3 October 1997

If Portishead's first album spooked you out, their second one will really get to you, says Caroline Sullivan ...

Portishead: Portishead (GO! Beat 11tks/50 mins)

Review by Ben Myers, Melody Maker, 4 October 1997

GLOOM, GLOOM, SHAKE THE ROOM! It's dark, it's gloomy and it's brilliant. Yep, PORTISHEAD are back ...

Portishead: Trip Hop Redux

Interview by Paul Trynka, Guitar Player, January 1998

PORTISHEAD, THE British band who spawned the trip hop genre, appear to represent the cutting edge of electronic pop, but it's the guitar of Adrian ...

Portishead: Tangled Up In Blue

Interview by Rob Young, The Wire, December 1998

After three albums and a world tour which nearly put paid to them, the members of Portishead are resting up. In Bristol, Geoff Barrow and ...

Beth Gibbons: Out of Season

Review by Michael Goldberg, Neumu, November 2002

Portishead's singer delivers a solo album of extraordinary beauty. ...

The Curse of Portishead Lifts

Interview by Stephen Dalton, Scotland on Sunday, March 2008

IN DECEMBER last year, three black-clad ghosts from the pop past clambered onstage at an off-season holiday camp in an icy, wind-whipped corner of Somerset. ...

Portishead: Brixton Academy, London

Live Review by Ian Watson, Yahoo! Music, 17 April 2008

PEOPLE WHO don't like Portishead sneeringly dismiss them as dinner party music, something the sickening middle class stick on in the background while they discuss ...

Portishead: Third

Review by Jude Rogers, The Guardian, 25 April 2008

PORTISHEAD'S THIRD album is initially more a record to admire than to love, its muscular synthesisers, drum breaks and abrupt endings keeping the tension high.  ...

Portishead: Third

Review by Paul Trynka, MOJO, May 2008

Long delayed, "troubled" follow-up to Portishead's long-delayed, "troubled" second album. ...

Portishead is reunited and ready to play in the desert

Interview by Phil Sutcliffe, Los Angeles Times, 25 Spring 2008

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND — As Portishead takes the carefully backlighted stage at the ancient, tatty Manchester Apollo, heavy shadows fall across the band's members. The concert ...

Portishead: Hammerstein Ballroom/Deadmau5: Roseland, NYC

Live Review by Maura Johnston, The Village Voice, 12 October 2011

AT A LIVE MUSIC event, your eye naturally is drawn to what's happening onstage: guitarists thrashing and sawing at the air, vocalists preening between yawps, ...

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