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Old and New Wave

Report and Interview by Marc Weingarten, Los Angeles Times, 7 November 2002

Underground movement nurtures new progressive rock bands and supports existing ones. ...

Porcupine Tree by way of Spinal Tap

Interview by Kris Nicholson, Record, 8 November 2002

Fictional band made the jump to the real world ...

Porcupine Tree branches out

Report and Interview by Gene Santoro, New York Daily News, 12 October 2007

WHEN PORCUPINE TREE started in 1987, they were a Spinal Tap-style flight of multi-instrumentalist Steven Wilson's imagination. ...

Stripped down and reimagined in brass, Porcupine Tree takes on a whole new life

Interview by Mike Mettler, Digital Trends, 14 April 2015

WHEN A DRUMMER is acknowledged as occupying the same rarefied air as Rush's Neil Peart, it says a lot about just how damn good the ...


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