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Paul Kelly (Australia)

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Paul Kelly: Poet of the Common Man

Report and Interview by Mark Mordue, Sydney Morning Herald, the, 12 January 1996

PAUL KELLY'S back in town. I meet him at a King's Cross hotel where his daughter, Madeleine, is turning her slice of cheese into a ...

Co-Dependent: A Potted History of Drugs and Australian Music

Essay by Clinton Walker, Meanjin, 1 June 2002

I CAN STILL remember my first joint. All the usual jibes notwithstanding (memory loss, not inhaling, whatever), I remember it vividly: It was at the ...

Paul Kelly: Folklore and Fervour

Report and Interview by Jenny Valentish, The Australian Times, June 2006

Under numerous guises Paul Kelly has been releasing albums for the last three decades, and is now over here for an intimate acoustic set. Jenny ...

Paul Kelly's Stolen Apples

Report and Interview by Jeff Apter, Rave (Australia), June 2007

PAUL KELLY obviously likes the look of the road less travelled. Who else would consider fusing the poetry of lower-case American e.e. cummings with an ...

Enough with the gravy: a plea for a new national Christmas anthem

Comment by Jeff Apter, Sydney Morning Herald, the, 22 December 2021

I REMEMBER the first time I heard 'How to Make Gravy'. It was 1997, and I was about halfway through a two-year stint living in ...


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