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NRBQ's Big Al Anderson (2007)

Interview by Joel Selvin, Selvin On The City, KSAN 107.7, 2007

Big Al takes us through life post-NRBQ, becoming songwriter to the Nashville Hat Act Stars, and looks back to the tough days on the road with NRBQ.

File format: mp3 File size: 33.5mb Interview length: 36' 25"; Sound quality: *****


NRBQ: Desperados, Washington DC

Live Review by Paul Yamada, New York Rocker, January 1980

AFTER A quarter-century of rock 'n' roll, it should be obvious that the idiom (if it can be classed as such) must be maintained by ...

NRBQ: Girard's, Baltimore MD

Live Review by Geoffrey Himes, Musician, November 1981

AL ANDERSON, NRBQ's rotund bear of a lead guitarist, gave his meanest squint and chewed up the title line to his rollicking, vintage-sounding rockabilly tune: ...

The One And Only Combined NRBQ: Nothing Really Beats Quality

Interview by Dave DiMartino, Creem, March 1982

YEARS AGO, say 1968 or so, I was a snivelling adolescent who stole off outside the house to smoke Tareyton cigarettes. I often did shameful ...

NRBQ: Grooves In Orbit (Bearsville)

Review by John Morthland, Creem, August 1983

AS THE perennial Little Bar Band That Could, NRBQ occupies a special niche. After all, they've existed in basically this form and with basically this ...

NRBQ: Organic Eclecticism in Orbit

Profile and Interview by Mark Rowland, Musician, October 1983

SEEING NRBQ play in a club for the first time is a little like sauntering into an amusement park with all-new rides — you're happy ...

NRBQ: Grillin' At The Roadside

Interview by Mitchell Cohen, Creem, December 1983

THINK OF NRBQ as a diner somewhere off the main highway, serving up Tex-Mex chili, Kansas City barbeque, Philadelphia cheese steaks, New England clam chowder, ...

NRBQ: Uncommon Denominators (Rounder CD); God Bless Us All (Rounder)

Review by Mark Rowland, Musician, March 1988

AFTER 20 YEARS, and typically without fanfare, NRBQ has gotten around to releasing their first live album, God Bless Us All, and first career retrospective, ...

NRBQ: The Disappearing Art of Bar Band Music

Retrospective by Geoffrey Himes, Paste, 20 February 2017

THE 1978 ALBUM NRBQ at Yankee Stadium boasts a delightful visual joke. ...


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