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Paul Weller and Noel Gallagher: Sex, Drugs, Rock'n'roll... and Babies

Interview by Barbara Ellen, The Observer, 31 October 1999

Both "spokesmen" for their respective generations, it's perhaps unsurprising that the men behind the Jam and Oasis became friends. Here, they talk frankly together for ...

Noel Gallagher: High Flying Birds, Musical Kettles And Exploded Psych

Interview by John Doran, The Quietus, 8 October 2011

John Doran is caught napping by Noel Gallagher, who is finally getting to indulge his creative impulses with the High Flying Birds and Amorphous Androgynous! ...

Noel Gallagher: A Grown-up Pop Star

Interview by Sheryl Garratt, Daily Telegraph, 15 October 2011

With the launch of his first solo album, Noel Gallagher reflects on life without Liam, turning down The X Factor and giving up the parties. ...

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds: Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds (Sour Mash/Universal)

Review by Bill Holdship, Detroit Metro Times, 28 December 2011

Tunes so good, you'll forget there was another Gallagher brother ...

The Apolitical Party: Noel Gallagher Interviewed

Interview by Jude Rogers, The Quietus, 16 February 2015

The always quotable High Flying Birds frontman on politics in music, Sleaford Mods and getting pissed with Morrissey. ...

Noel Gallagher On How He "Invented" Oasis and Why You Shouldn't Expect A Reunion Anytime Soon

Report and Interview by Jeff Slate, Daily Beast, 24 February 2015

THE ROWDY UK rocker is back with a new solo album, Chasing Yesterday. He opens up about his new venture, the end of Oasis, and ...

Noel Gallagher: Who Built the Moon?

Review by Jude Rogers, GQ, 28 November 2017

AS ROCK AND ROLL'S elderly hounds go, few are as fun to kick as Noel Gallagher. Bend the leg and let's go: he's the ultimate ...

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