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Nina Simone, Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London

Live Review by Cliff White, New Musical Express, 10 December 1977

YOU CAN'T keep tabs on everybody all the time. It wasn't until this concert was announced that I realised there hasn't been much heard from, ...

Nina Simone: To Love Somebody/Here Comes The Sun/Emergency Ward/Black Gold/It Is Finished

Review by Jim Irvin, MOJO, June 2002

EUNICE WAYMON never intended to be a pop singer. Her ambition was to be the first great black female classical pianist. She took up playing ...


Nina Simone: The Troubadour, Los Angeles CA

Live Review by Ann Moses, Rhythm 'n' News, 22 October 1965

Nina Knocks Out With 'Pastel Blues' ...

Nina Simone: Pastel Blues (Philips BL 7683) ****

Review by Peter Jones, Norman Jopling, Record Mirror, 22 January 1966

Nina goes back to blues on her new LP Pastel Blues ...

Nina Simone: Nina Simone Sings the Blues (RCA Victor RD7S33)

Review by Max Jones, Melody Maker, 23 September 1967

NINA SIMONE'S singing is very much an acquired taste, and I have to confess that it is not my favourite brand. I recognise, though, the ...

Nina Simone

Interview by Dave Godin, Blues & Soul, July 1968

ONE IS always apprehensive about meeting artists for whom one has a great admiration or burning passion – I deliberately avoided meeting the one and ...

Nina Hits With Hair

Profile by Alan Walsh, Melody Maker, 23 November 1968

NINA SIMONE provokes mixed reactions from the music critics of the world. Some hail her as a giant of the blues, while others, though grudgingly ...

The Fantasy World of Nina Simone

Interview by Alan Walsh, Melody Maker, 21 December 1968

"YES, I'M happy that I've got a hit record. I'm happy because I like the song and because in the future I'll get some time ...

Nina Simone: 'Nuff Said (RCA Victor)

Review by uncredited writer, Melody Maker, 8 February 1969


Nina Simone: Nina's The Medium For The Message

Interview by Royston Eldridge, Melody Maker, 19 April 1969

NINA SIMONE, the artist, is the High Priestess of Soul, the blues singer and the jazz pianist. Nina Simone, the person, is compelling, formidable, and ...

Nina Simone: God Bless The Child

Interview by Jim Delehant, Hit Parader, September 1969

NINA SIMONE was born Eunice Waymon in Tryon, North Carolina, the sixth of eight children. Her mother worked as a housekeeper and her father was ...

Nine Simone: Super Star For 1971

Report by David Nathan, Blues & Soul, 20 January 1971

AS HAS been noted by her many fans and soul people generally, there has been a marked silence from the High Priestess of Soul for ...

Nina Simone: Carnegie Hall, New York NY

Live Review by Mike Jahn, New York Times, The, 11 May 1971

Throng Welcomes Nina Simone, Back After Long Absence ...

Nina Simone: Carnegie Hall, New York NY

Live Review by Vicki Wickham, Melody Maker, 22 May 1971

Nina the leader ...

Nina Simone: Emergency Ward (SF 8304)

Review by Roger St. Pierre, New Musical Express, 20 January 1973

LOGGING A BIG pop hit sometimes does more harm than good to artists who previously had a rather specialist appeal. ...

Nina Simone: Royal Festival Hall, London

Live Review by Penny Valentine, Melody Maker, 22 September 1979

NINA SIMONE has never been a comfortable musician to see live. A powerful performer, she is formidably dedicated to her art. It's hardly surprising, then, ...

Nina Simone: Lady Trashes The Blues

Interview by Karl Dallas, Melody Maker, 29 September 1979

Nina Simone's concerts are almost as nerve-racking as her turbulent personal life, which makes it easy to see her as a weird, tragic mixture of Billie Holiday and Judy Garland. KARL ...

Nina Simone: Ronnie Scott's, London

Live Review by Don Watson, New Musical Express, 28 January 1984

NINA SIMONE finishes another song, totters to the front of the stage and stands, fixing the audience with a gaze that's as intent as it ...

Nina Simone: Diary Of A Princess Noir

Interview by Gavin Martin, New Musical Express, 4 February 1984


Nina Simone: Moody Dues

Interview by Richard Cook, New Musical Express, 14 November 1987

JAPANESE TOURISTS frantically snapping photographs of each other is a recurring scenario common to the lobbies of Europe's grandest hotels. Today is different. Stepping from ...

Nina Simone: Here Comes Trouble

Interview by Lloyd Bradley, Q, November 1991

"BE PUNCTUAL," they implored. "Be punctual, and everything should be all right." Ask about Nina Simone at her publisher's offices and you'll soon be appraised ...

Nina Simone: Diva Of The Dives

Interview by Lucy O'Brien, Guardian, The, 20 November 1992

APPROACHING 60, Nina Simone, Princess Noir with the famed attitude, has got used to putting punters in their place. A one-time classical musician she should ...

Robert Wyatt: Invisible Jukebox

Interview by Mike Barnes, Wire, The, December 1995

Every month we play a musician a series of records which they're asked to identify and comment on — with no prior knowledge of what ...

How To Buy Nina Simone

Guide by Fred Dellar, MOJO, April 1998

IN SOME WAYS, things haven't changed overmuch since Eunice Waymon opted to change her name to Nina Simone so that her mother wouldn't find out ...

Nina Simone

Interview by Precious Williams, Big Issue, The, December 1998

NINA SIMONE is furious that there is no alcohol left in the house. It's not even 11 o'clock in the morning and yet the 65-year-old ...

Stocky And Wild-Eyed: Nina Simone at the Royal Festival Hall

Live Review by Lucy O'Brien, MOJO, September 1999

"EVERY GENERATION has to discover Nina Simone. She is evidence that female genius is real," says Germaine Greer, introducing tonight’s show, one of the highlights ...

Nina Simone: Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

Retrospective by James Maycock, Independent, The, 10 November 1999

In the Sixties, Nina Simone's music radically espoused black civil rights. But by the turn of the decade she had rejected politics. Why? ...

Bishopstock 2001: Nina Simone and Van Morrison

Live Review by The Rev. Al Friston, Rock's Backpages, 1 September 2001

Two cantankerous legends hold court in the Devon sunshine ONE FESTIVAL, THREE DAYS, four major cancellations... and two obstreperous veterans doing their thang on Bank ...

Nina Simone 1933-2003

Obituary by David Nathan, Rock's Backpages, April 2003

FOR PEOPLE THE world over, the passing of the great, legendary Dr. Nina Simone on April 20, 2003 will be met with much sadness. ...

The Grim Reporter May 2003

Obituary by Phast Phreddie Patterson, Rock's Backpages, May 2003

Phast Phreddie Patterson on those gone but not forgotten ...

Nina Simone: Always Searching for a Key

Obituary by Ian Penman, Wire, The, June 2003

The realisation that she was black in a country run by whites, a woman in a world run by men, turned Nina Simone into the ...

Gus Wildi's Bebopping Jazz Baby: Bethlehem Records

Retrospective by Fred Dellar, Rock's Backpages, March 2009

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 17, 1953. American TV companies were gearing up for
the first programmes in colour, Playboy was cock-a-hoop about featuring
Marilyn Monroe on the cover and ...

Nina Simone's 'Baltimore'

Retrospective by Jim Irvin, Word, The, February 2011

WHEN RANDY NEWMAN'S Little Criminals was released late in 1977, ending a three-year drought for the irony tsar of Tin Pan Alley, critics queued up ...

Nina Simone: Between the Keys

Retrospective by Michael A. Gonzales, Wax Poetics, September 2011

"White people had Judy Garland. We had Nina." — Richard Pryor ...

Happy Birthday, Wild Child: Celebrating Nina Simone's 80th

Retrospective by Michael A. Gonzales, Philadelphia Weekly, 20 February 2013

A FEW YEARS before Nina Simone decided to become a singer, she was just another black girl from North Carolina living in Philadelphia with her ...

Nina Simone: "Are you ready to burn buildings?"

Retrospective by Dorian Lynskey, Guardian, The, 22 June 2015

From singing the soundtrack to the civil rights movement to living in self-imposed exile in Liberia, Nina Simone never chose the easy path. As a ...


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