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Nektar: A Tab In The Ocean

Review by Ed Jones, Cracker, February 1974

REMEMBER CONCEPT ALBUMS? Remember when sounds meant being zonked? Remember Hieronymus Bosch album covers? Remember when rock was hippy-fascist acid guilt trips? Remember when they ...

Krautrock: Germany Calling

Overview by Ian MacDonald, New Musical Express, 9 December 1972

TIME WAS WHEN a sudden loud crash around West Germany was probably just an other F-One-Eleven. These days it's more likely to be the local ...

Nektar: Down To Earth

Review by Richard Cromelin, Phonograph Record, February 1975

NEKTAR'S SMOOTH move from cosmic progressivism (though it was more genuinely rocky than that of past practitioners of the style) to a more straightforward rock ...

Germany's Nektar: They See the Light

Profile and Interview by Richard Cromelin, Rolling Stone, 21 November 1974

ST. LOUIS – The light show, thinks Mick Brockett, is something that was prematurely abandoned by the rock world, and though he's reluctant to talk ...


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